Hard Knocks Episode 1 Post Show ft. NFLN’s Kay Adams and HBO’s Shannon Furman – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Angel .z8 Reply


SWADE 951 Reply

Lol second

ericLT21 Reply

Where can I watch hard knocks?

    McFlei Reply

    This first episode should be on YouTube soon, and the rest will be only HBO. Just start some free trials with HBO max for the rest.

    Logan-13 -Sims Reply

    @McFlei Where do i start free trials?

    ericLT21 Reply

    McFlei appreciate it! But itโ€™s only a week trial in hbo smh I donโ€™t want to pay to watch a single episode a week lolll

    ericLT21 Reply

    Logan-13 -Sims just get the app

    McFlei Reply

    @ericLT21 You can do the free trial multiple times, just have multiple email addresses to sign up with. Or you can wait until all the episodes are out and do it then.

Skillz beastboy Reply

Third lol

SD -bob Reply

its bizarro world to see LA take the Chargers

Marvin Ye Reply

19:07 that player talking about how he hasnt seen a ball like that is a rookie. so he wasnt on the chargers previously

    Hyperfoxeye Reply

    Yeah philip rivers has some of the best balls; he made a legion with 1 woman

jeffrey thibodeaux Reply

it sucks not having rivers

    Joffy Joffa Reply

    Love me some Phil but he was a turn over machine last year. Time for change mobile qb time new scheme

jeffrey thibodeaux Reply

it just doesnt feel right

Christopher Johnson Reply

14:13 Money is my spirit anchor

Samoan Tribe Reply

Kirsten is rose wasted lol

Martin Marques Strempel Reply

Super dramatic is a natural born symptom of a cornerback! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Martin Marques Strempel Reply

What?! Kay Adams is a Chargers Fan? @Kay Adams, pls. merry me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    David Lizama Reply

    Bro she’s a die hard Bears fan. She was born and raised in Chicago

    Don Soulo Reply

    David Lizama I hear her talk about the Chargers way more

ROMANS 13:4 Reply

Does anyone care?

    Rodimus Rhyme Reply

    you cared enough to click on the video and then comment. so id say at the very least you do

    Don Soulo Reply

    Rodimus Rhyme I was just about to say that lol

    ROMANS 13:4 Reply

    @Rodimus Rhyme i did but then i wasted 5 minutes of my life ill never get back. Just like you commenting. Have a great day

    ROMANS 13:4 Reply

    @Don Soulo see above response

Tyler Russell Reply

These people are not worth watching. This sucked.

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