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Power Banana Reply

Hi Pats

Lilcookie_88 Reply


Verona_ sn Reply

Awe this makes me so happy

ThatBoiJesse1 Reply

Gilmore follows me on insta so a special happy fatherz day to him and all the other patriots

Outside The Box781781781781781781781781781781781781 Reply

Go Pats! (Cute Vid BTW)

Taron Reed Reply

Happy Father’s Day pats

NASCAR Maniac 2009 NASCAR And More! Reply

Go Patriots!


BTW nice video

Unknown 67 Reply

N’Keal Harry Is going to be good at New England!!

Nico Silva Reply

Happy Father’s Day to all the Patriot players. Let’s go! And happy father’s day to the working dad’s out there living that good life who also put in work for there family. (8 to 5 job) or sales… Or Whatever you do… Let’s go! You dad’s are appreciated! And let’s get that 7th. 8th. 9th. And 10th ring! @kimlaurenortiz

Oswald 1927 Reply

Tom Brady’s child might kiss him

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

💚 Children are the luck or / and the challenge of the future 💚
The next pat-generation. All the best,

Gorilla Man Reply

Children are the purest form of happiness, kindness, and innocence alive

    Gorilla Man Reply

    Oh and dogs are similar, too

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