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Here come all the emotional fans taking it personal


    Ray Clark you’re literally the same person as Lava. Why do you have multiple troll accounts? Get a life

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Asmodeus What’s the matter, horsefly? You can’t take what you dish out to others?

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Asmodeus Oh hahahaha as the one tard in the comments section would say—Your Delusional

    Omar Handely

    @Asmodeus You’re stupid and a big baby

    James Molen

    @Asmodeus I’ve seen you giving grief to others on the Cowboys board and you don’t like it when it comes back to you? You whine too much little girl!


I still have my roy williams 31 jersey lol

    the beast

    Good pick of a jersey he was a undervalued beast kinda like my marion barber jersey makes me sick people don’t remember him


    the beast roy had the best rep for stuffing big rb’s as they hit the hole, big backs like jerome bettis.. i remember john madden loved how hard he hit… i always thought him and darren were the best safety pair in the nfl since denvers johnson and atwater… of coarse i thought they were better cause they were cowboys lol.. they were perfect together cause roy was one of the best safeties at stuffing the run at the line “hardest hitting too” and darren was one of the best cover corners.. they complimented each other perfectly

Keith Dease

They don’t need Zeke watch they have more depth now , for other defenses have to focus in on

    Nintengo 1985

    Keith Dease delusional

    Nintengo 1985

    Keith Dease you’re delusional

    Ray Clark

    @Nintengo 1985 STFU you moron or expand your vocabulary!

Wiz Bud

Lol. Talking about how teams working to depress the wages of players at a certain position… Isn’t that a form of collusion and a sign of bad faith by the owners as it pertains to the CBA? I don’t think that’s going to be a “selling” point during the cockfight we call the CBA negotiations.

Furthermore… You guys are talking about the exploitation of “certain players”. Everyone is fine with a RB getting pounded on some 300+ times a years… As long as you don’t have to pay him? Have his body and future take the risk so the team doesn’t have to? Even after providing the kind of production that exceeds the contract he was forced into by the CBA? Ouch.

The NFL maybe a business, but this business model will lead to less players that will be willing to play the running back position. More and more athletes will choose other sports. Sports where they can make more money, with less physical stress on their body. Boxing went through this due to exploitation of boxers… Guess the NFL will have to learn the hard way. Too bad.

    Omar Handely

    Choose other sports? lol yeah right

    Wiz Bud

    @Omar Handely Funny, you sound like Howard Cosell circa 1978 when talking about this very subject in boxing. The NFL has already lost a good part of the younger generation to the NBA. That will continue.


Freaking twitter isnt alerting me when yall broadcast.


If zeke really doesn’t sign by the start of the season.. this is your moment Tony, go get it.

    Stone Cold

    Dude that’s hilarious, Hes not coming back get over it. Seriously he’s been out of football a few years now which means he’s a few years older do you really think he could take the sacks and hits better now somehow.

    the beast

    @InsightProject did u mean tony romo


    Is tony romo on this team?

    Stone Cold

    @InsightProject The way you replied to the beast made me think you were talkin Romo

    the beast

    @Stone Cold ya I was just trying to pump everyone up for tony pollard


We need this show every day why no Amber thank God

    Lava LifeGuard

    @Nintengo 1985 Speak for yourself

    Omar Handely

    @Lava LifeGuard LOL IKR

the beast

I love the cowboys been a fan since 1989 thank you for giving me news to listen to at work May it be good or bad dc4l

Lamont Lane

Tony Pollard was not drafted to replace Zeke. The Cowboys planned to go in a different direction offensively and take a load off of Zeke, extend his career and compliment his skill set with a change of pace. Zeke’s agent doesn’t have his best interest at heart. Maybe the Cowboys will have to do without Zeke for now. Zeke is so unpredictable and this is part of the problem with a costly guaranteed contract. There’s life after the Cowboys get you into the HOF. If Zeke never plays for the Cowboys again (oh well), I’m a Cowboy. “Zeke” who? Wake up.


Replace the bearded guy with the short dude…And this will rival Undisputed.

    Matt S


Mr. Jones

Trade him!!


Jourdan Lewis is the best #4 CB in the NFL. We keep him.

Emilio Gonzalez

Also saying things about one of my favorite players Jaylon Smith not good.Thanks


Tony Pollard has only carried the ball more than 10 times twice in his career we need Zeke

Terrance Banks

I understand Zeke has the final say but his agent is directing him in this direction of holding out..I believe Zeke wants to jus play ball but he’s paying gd money to his agent who advises him what to do for his and his agents best interests.

Kenneth Lott

trade zeke pay dak cooper byron

Brian Bush

How quickly the regime and its stans turn on a player. Lol I can’t wait to see this train wreck. It’s going to be classic


I’ve heard Mickey say “Zeke didn’t think to hold out himself” now Nick is saying “now your asking for common sense” they really talk about him like he’s a complete idiot. Disrespectful

Mr. Unknown

I hope that girl that sounds like she just started learning how to speak doesn’t come back.


    She will

    Mr. Unknown

    @serg74ful damn

Bobby Ice McCall

Dallas Cowboys as a whole can easily beat the first three teams Giants, Redskins & Dolphins without Zeke. So it doesn’t look good for him. But this still is #DC4L 🇺🇸🏈☝

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