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Def Promise

How bout them Cowboys!!!!

Phyrom Huy

Bottom line is we cant pay everyone top dollar isn’t it? No matter how much we love Zeke, Dak, or Amari the Cowboys are at the point as a franchise, due to great drafting, we have to make tough decisions.

Dan Blatt

Zeke will get 13% more in his check more than Gurley’s without having to pay state income tax.

    Jesse Gonzalez

    I was just about to type this. It’s true Zeke will take home way more money.

    B Henderson

    God bless Texas

    B Henderson

    Negative on pollard …. picking up blitz.
    Zek is a monster at picking up bits! Redskins TD to Cooper.. any remember, the one over the middle? Go check it out! Zek picks up not just 1 blitz… no Ez money (zek) picks up 2 blockers at the same time …. giving Prescott the time to hit Cooper in the middle between 3 redskins !!!!!!!!!!

    Pollard is in on that same play? Sack!

    B Henderson

    Blocker is Blitzing

Kevin Oreilly

Whoever blocks the best should be right after pollard

David Rodriguez

Zeke could have gotten a lot more if he had held out half or the entire season.
I guess Zeke been running up some bills.

Dan Blatt

That’s right Nate, dealing with what you got. lol

Big Nard 27

I’m ready get this deal over with

Jason Bradham

And Zeke deserves 14 or 15 mill bottom line.

    Lava LifeGuard

    LoL you gave yourself a thumbs up

Angel Rosario

Trade Zeke to the 49ers for a pass rusher and a first round pick. His foolishness and behavior off the field is not worth the headaches. Peace!!


    I am for the owner who wants to put an athlete on the street for trying to break the NFL because of GREED!!! IM ON GOD’S SIDE.

Brian Smith

With 2years left and Jerry going to bat for him after continuous behavior problems, Zeke should take the deal


We need another kicker to compete. PERIOD. LOL

    James Mitchell

    That part!💯… this kicker we have REALLY makes me nervous!!😬

Kn Dtn

what did he do ver rams in playoffs?

William Lohnes

What about offering him something like 14 + 1/2 for like 4 years and let’s say about half of that contract or 32 to 34 guaranteed and let’s put some in City Base programs like staying out of trouble reaching the playoffs going to the Super Bowl being the League’s leading rusher you know just incentive-based contract you know because really the devil is in the details they can offer him whatever he wants but it’s all about the guaranteed money and the language and fine print but I really hope they can get something done

Thomas Lee

That’s exactly what I was about to bring up Zeke can no longer afford uni industrious beanie off the field activities when I call activities I mean screw-ups you cannot have no more screw-ups you can’t even have a sniff of a screw-up or it’s a year for him it’s suspension for a no year can we trust him can we trust that he is going to grow up any deer can he grow up has he grown up no no he has not going to pay that man see what happens you know you’re going and pain if he doesn’t wrong if he doesn’t stand by what he needs to stand by then you know that’s his fault not the Cowboys if the Cowboys take a chance on him and he falls that’s the Cowboys fault it goes both ways hire somebody to be with him 24/7 seven come eleven cuz that’s what it’s going to take

Frank Esposito

If Zeke does not sign by next week then make him sit and not play football for the next 3 years!! I would have not even extended a new contract this year with 2 years left on his rookie contract.

    Steven Pringle

    Ask yourself this. Why did the Rams give Gurley an extension with 2 years left on his rookie deal? The Rams recognize that 5year rookie deals are not good for RBs. Gurley maybe a more talented back than Zeke, but Gurley missed games before the new contract. Zeke is the type back that has only come around 3 times in the history of the game.

Lava LifeGuard

Let’s just see if Zeke sits out for almost a quarter million a game


Presley thanks for posting it to youtube.

Steven Pringle

Jerry is gonna pay ZEKE. So why are we having to go through this drama?

Il Tack Bae

Nate is dead wrong. He’s talking as if Dallas is not going to pay Zeke this year. They are offering 14M per year!!!! This is greedy!!! If Zeke doesn’t bend don’t trade him. Just drought him. He’s already rich enough.

Jason DOE

I’m not paying him that…sit down Zeke and not get paid for two years..take that to the bank.

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