Hangin’ with the Boys: What’s It like To Be Cut? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Randy 25


John Thomas

This show is much better with Jesse


All that talk about germs and Jesse shakes Nate’s hand…lol

Verl Keeler

who knows where nates hand just was b4 jesse shook it

yo boy Isaiah

This show has always been great. Go Cowboys!

John Crabtree

The worst player on the dl has been trysten hill if he can improve the dl could be dominant

Brandon Coe

Jesse is the GOAT on the mic man, always love his pre and postgame on the radio he doesnt hold back

Frankie Lee Graham Jr.

Jesse and I are on the same level and same understanding about germs. Now I really want to meet him and make jokes of how I do not touch door knobs at the bathroom.


Jesse got the inside scoop and telling it. Look how Big Nate looking at Jesse, I can’t believe he’s telling everyone this!😄

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