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Jeffrey Laury

I love Nate newton he so funny cowboy great needs to be in hall of fame.


    I thought Nate was already in the hall

da Star

A lot of truth spoken and it’s terrible what the unappreciative fans did to Andrew Luck. The Colts organization is great but the fans that booed don’t deserve his talent.

Dan Blatt

Nate has always been the jokester haha

Dan Blatt

Jessy and his tight pants 🙄


this was a great episode

Dan Blatt

Jessy and Nate are right, that’s why Jaylen’s story is so incredibly. He almost didn’t get paid for getting hurt in the last game in college. Remarkable comeback story, and that’s a great story of overcoming diversity.

Dan Blatt

Good job Jessy, keep it real. Hope Kurt is doing well

Dan Blatt

Large haha

Han Nguyen

I remember Jesse Holley on that long pass on overtime against the Niners

M Hernandez

I hate Jesse Holley. Fake WR w one good moment in cowboys history.

    Albert Paiz

    Hate is a strong word


    @Steven Franchise Are people not entitled to their own opinions?

Samuel Thomas

Great episode I enjoyed this episode alot great story telling.



Spoon Jones



andrew luck to the cowboys?


Holley should get into doing NFL analysis / commentary.

Anthony Lee

Depressing episode

West World

WTH? Zeke knew what he was doing when he signed to play for the Cowboys.

Zeke got $18 m for 3 years of work …. as a NFL RB … playing for JJ’s Cowboys.

Zeke was going to get $12 m for another two years of work … doing his job … as a NFL RB …. in the Cowboys.

Zeke is not Jordan Howard who was paid $700k a year for 3 years … and ran into the ground by the Bears … and then traded in his final year.

Bell knew what he was signing when he joined the Steelers played out his rookie contact for $4 m over 4 years.

Belll didn’t hold out with two years remaining on his rookie contract to demand more money. He signed a contract and honored it.

Stop defending greedy, selfish and ungrateful Zeke … who is bitching about being paid $18 m for doing his job, is breaking his contract by holding out, and is holding the team hostage demanding more money.

Cowboy need to get rid of Zeke ASAP. He is now a cancer to the team, cannot be trusted, and is setting a bad example to other star players due an extension.

Shell Sharpe

man With Jesse on board this season, it’s gonna be some great shows

Robert Bennett

Jesse & Nate are Preaching the NFL Gospel here TODAY…. and it gives me a whole new respect for what is ABSOLUTELY the most pertinent subject in the game.
The subject of Andrew Luck & Zeke Elliot is brought into the light. From Jesse’s personal life story with the Cowboys to LUCK’s retirement and their relationship to what we ALL face in this nation. These player’s struggle is a joke to the league itself and the parity the owners preach. EACH PLAYER deserves a more lucrative “piece of the pie”ACROSS THE BOARD!!!!
These two ex- players are on the cutting edge and they are trying to make a difference in the lives of the athletes who are coming into the same situations they’ve experienced in their careers.
AS ALWAYS, both of these guys are MORE than just entertaining and personable. They actually are able to break down the REAL TRUTH of what’s of greatest concern to every man; whether it’s Zeke’s current struggle to each one of us guys on the street’s every day
From a fan who’s followed this team since Eddie Lebarron threw his first pass, thanks to Nate & Jesse for reminding me of the story of Pete Gent who wrote “The North Dallas Forty”, and of the INDIVIDUALS who actually SACRIFICE their health to entertain all of us.
And here’s to Zeke… you deserve better!
Screw every network talking head and company line” yes” man. These two are the The REAL DEAL!!!!


Too much BS about their clothes and style…just get on with the analysis! Finally at :26 they start talking about the game!

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