Hangin’ with the Boys: Welcome Back Zeke! | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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flyinglizards80 Reply

Move Nick Eatman to this show and please just cancel The Break! I beg you Jerry Jones

    Luis Reply

    nick and the other little white dude. i like them both

    Tony Mungro Reply

    PLEASE fire Nick

    Luis Reply

    @Tony Mungro lol. Why dont u like nick

    DJ Chainsaw Reply

    Nick and Derrick are good friends. I dont see him getting fired. Why Nick though?

Nintengo 1985 Reply

Where Kurt?

Hardyboy Dior Reply

Cowboys win 42-17

Raymond Solis Jr. Reply

Kris Richard would not have stayed for nothing

210Boda Reply

Now they need to get rid of Jason Garret, he doesn’t make his players better. 2016 still looks like the best year, 13-3 rookie year of Dak and Zeke… I don’t see anything Dak has got better at, that’s a problem with Coaching

    m Cave Reply

    I agree the only thing holding them back this year is coaching, if the cowboys don’t atleast get into the NFC championship game Garrett is gone…Jerry has given him the talent and $$$$$ let’s see what he will do my opinion is NOTHING.

    210Boda Reply

    @m Cave Yea I agree. There no excuse not to win NFC CHAMPIONSHIP. It’s time to reach the next level. They can aquire great talent but they can’t build on it. This needs to be the year we get to the Superbowl

    John Valadez Jr Reply

    They did well because of Coach Romo

    Maverick Cater Reply

    210Boda need a new coach but dak has improved from last year I know it was only preseason but he was 100% in passing but no joke romo needs to be coach the man sitting in the booth calls every play

    Relayer6a Reply

    He was onm the sideline doing what he does from the box now. He was telling Dak what all the defenses were and what they were going to do.

Verl Keeler Reply


Gary Devones Reply

Hanging with the fellas

Amateur_Stargazer Reply

What happens because of zeke is coop, gallup and cobb r all 3 always getting one on one and witten/jarwin r always gonna be covered by a linebacker and slower safeties or linebackers have to cover zeke or pollard in the flat… zeke assures that no one ever gets doubled

Spoon Jones Reply

Well deserved Zeke!!

Philip DuBeau Reply

zeke is not the key. You just watch what happens this season. A strong OL and a deep talented DL is key to a super bowl team. Combine that with a talented QB and a talented deep WR corps with a play making rookie RB and you got GOLD.

zeke who? I’ll bet he spends most of his time on the injured list.

most low characters, once they get their money, just kick back and steal the money.

Jaremey Martinez Reply

i can’t wait for this weekend

John Crabtree Reply

The days of the bus driver qbs winning superbowls seem to be over i think dak is good enough

Swazie Reply

I would like to see Jesse holly on the serious shows… he’s a great addition no cap

Phishgumbo Reply

That’s what she said. 😂

Philip DuBeau Reply

More Holley!

Reshad Duckett Reply

With kellen Moore its good to not to have no inside on him. Kuz it give the. Opponent confusion. I love it.. Dc4L

J TV Reply

Holly is a really good addition. Very intelligent and engaging. Great job bro.

Relayer6a Reply

I like Jesse Holley. He says what he thinks.

Jim Mears Reply

Jesse talks too much. He takes up most of the air.

Mela Pellas Reply

Cowboys sucked last year they’ll suck this year. Forget about the playoffs. Keep wishing

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