Hangin’ with the Boys: Kurt Daniels Calls In | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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John Crabtree Reply

His second scheduled show and he cant even show up wtf

    Kamryn Vanatta Reply

    John Crabtree No one from the Cowboys shows up so this shouldn’t even be a surprise to you

    Albert Paiz Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta your mom showed up and she’s tickling my balls right now. She’s nasty!!!!

    Dan Blatt Reply

    @Kamryn Vanatta haha

    Justin Quarles Reply


Dan Blatt Reply

Praying 🙏 for Kurt

Dan Blatt Reply

Nate is so real, love it and his passion for life.

Dan Blatt Reply

Kurt get back soon, so you can keep these other fool’s in check 🤠💯🏈🏆

Dan Blatt Reply

Shannon, you trying to out dress tight pants Jessy. C’mon man 🤯🙄

Jason Bradham Reply

Disagree you must pay Zeke, he’s the best what’s this guy smoking? Talk about disrespect to the next great back.

Jason Bradham Reply

I know the deal though, company man praying that Pollard is great, don’t wanna admit how valuable Zeke is. The disrespectful towards Zeke is gotta go everyone else is laughing at this.

Kenneth Lott Reply

Dak over 5k over 50 passing touchdowns Pollard over 1k rushing and over 1k receiving. with 10 rushing touchdowns 5 receiving touchdowns

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