Hangin’ with the Boys: It’s Wingstop Wednesday! | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

LOL this intro bruh 😂😂😂😂😂😂🌝

Fresco SPEAKS!

Holley went at them wings like he was entirely famished😂🤣

Daniel Ishmael

Washington needs to get they money back

Kaptain KoRn

….So you don’t drink soda or alcohol, but you will eat fried food……………


Jessie attacked that food like he hadn’t eat in DAYS.. lol.. i got hungry watching the show damn it

Carl Hurst

this show stinks most of the time


    Not them wings, them wings looked pretty good. Next time, just put the camera on them wings, let them do the talking.

Elodiaee Rojas

Wings looked good. Want to try the new lemon hot wings but with BEER instead of soda or water .😊🍺

Marcus Smith

Pick your poison !!!

April Staton

Best line up at the star 💪

Adam Smith

Should’ve known as soon as food came in Jesse was done doing the show. Lol

Wayne Jeffery

I was in the 12th grade at Carter Riverside in Fort Worth homeroom when the planes hit. We where released from school, the school closed thought America was under attack. The gas station gas was 80 cents, being young and dumb thinking it was all fun cause we got out of school until I got home later and really saw all the footages, that was a sad day for America. Anyway damn Jesse slow down on them wings u gone get a ticket

Craig Manning

Nate was straight truth. The bad actor here wasn’t the kid or Tank, it was the mom.

William Cabell

I love what I saw on Sunday, but let us not turn into eagle fans. We have to get through the season before we get to the game. Let us not count our chickens before they are hatched!!!! There are a mariott of thinks that can go south. One game at a time. I am cautionary optimistic.

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