Hangin’ with the Boys: 3-0 Talk With Dorrough | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jonathan Rodriguez Reply


John Davis Reply


Mark Frederick Reply

Illusive runners aren’t our problem. Physical runners who run in between the tackles are our problem.

Chuck P Reply

the defense has NOT played well at all this season. they’ve done just enough to hold 3 bad teams in check. The offense has carried this team .

    Dennis Gaynor Reply

    Touchdown shutout is an accomplishment in today’s NFL I don’t care who it is against

    Tim Turner Reply

    7 of 35 on 3rd down is more than just doing enough.

Chase Dyer Reply

Great show

Banter Reply

Jessie brought that discussion back down to Earth.
New Orleans will be a tough game.

Donny Knepper Reply

Shut up with that undefeated talk. Cot’dam, I sure hope the team is looking ahead like this. Shattadafekup

Vern Reply

The biggest thing for Dallas when teams hand us turnovers we need take advantage and when we get to the quarterback making the sacks .

Phyrom Huy Reply

We need to slow our roll. The 3 teams we played have a combined record of 1-8 so far. I understand we can only play the team in front of us but the hype train needs to slow its roll. Let’s see where we are in December and then we can talk playoffs and/or Superbowl.

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