Ha Ha Clinton-Dix excited to play on Monday Night – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Guys ballin’!


Defense Gotta Love It!!! 🐻⬇

Terrel Ada

You got love it!! Jackson Ha Ha Danny Smith fuller Floyd Hicks Goldman an Kalil Mack!! You got to LOVE this Defense!!


Keep grinding & them big plays will come HA HA

George Ibarra

I really hope that we get Jalen it’s going to be a real scary sight 💯💯💯

    Blue Bird

    We won’t. The price for Jalen is too high. We still owe the raiders next years 1st round as well. Unless Pace wants to give all of our 1st round picks away until 2024, but jalen isn’t worth it. If anything we should’ve jumped on Minkah.

    Ethereal Punishment

    they won’t they have to pay trubisky when his contract is up and mack already takes up a lot of chicago’s salary

    George Ibarra

    Blue Bird I don’t think Minkah was the moves we would of got him earlier if they wanted him I would give up picks for a player that’s good we could trade prince and sum picks for him.

    George Ibarra

    Ethereal Punishment das tru but its a trade we can trade more people

Stuart Ross

he looks a bit like Charlie Murphy ( rip)


Bear down bears fans, is it me or do ha ha look like Carl Johnson from G.T.A?

SUN Taurus9

Clinton you gotta take one to the house in order to be plugged a real monster. still gotta few cheese curds on you. Ha Ha bear down

Emperor Penguin

Hope they resign him

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