Gutsy Victory at The Vet: Eagles vs. Cardinals, 2002 Week 11 | Eagles Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Gutsy Victory at The Vet: Eagles vs. Cardinals, 2002 Week 11 | Eagles Highlights

Relive the Philadelphia Eagles' tough victory over the Arizona Cardinals from Week 11 of the 2002 season!

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0:00 Opening kickoff
8:12 James Thrash touchdown
10:52 Dorsey Levens touchdown
14:35 Todd Pinkston touchdown
17:05 Duce Staley touchdown
22:23 David Akers field goal
23:39 Defense shuts down Cards
24:53 James Thrash scores again


Fly Eagles Fly

Sean A

What a joke the Cardinals were

    Eric S

    Ecspececially after getting emmit smith the next year


I miss Eagles football

The Kid Joe Sports Show

Go Birds

Eagles Fan 101

Fly Eagles Fly on the road to victory
Fight Eagles Fight
Score a Touchdown
One, Two, Three
Hit Em Low
Hit Em High
And Watch Our Eagles Fly
Fly Eagles Fly On The Road To Victory


You can say a lot about #5, but you can’t say he wasn’t tough.

    Eric S

    and getting over nfc title game losses



Yung Lik Frm DaKreek

Who else ready for some eagles football

Christopher Manley


Eric S

War eagle 🦅

Carlton Taylor

Should’ve broke his ankle more often. He played better and Reid coached better.


    Hell yea


God i hated jake plummer

A Ba

Legendary performance by Donovan

Joseph Van Horn

I love watching these games from 2000-2004, when Andy and Donovan were the fresh young and exciting coach/QB combination, anchored by an extremely physical and aggressive defense. It sucks that they always came up just short of their biggest goal, but man, those years were so much fun to be a fan of this team. After a few decent but not contending seasons they REALLY became awful, so they started over from square one. Remember 2000 and ‘01? Those years were 2 of my favorite. The potential was limitless. They were kicking the crap out of teams 5 or 6 games a year, and the Cowboys EVERY year. After 3 CCG losses the pressure got intense. It was all about a Super Bowl title, the regular season was just in the way. The fun was sucked out of watching the Eagles play football, and the eventual disappointing results hurt like hell. Now that Doug, Howie, and the players that are too numerous to name, have won one, you would think that we wouldn’t take things so seriously, we wouldn’t make everything about winning another championship. We tried, it lasted a year. Alshon got a standing ovation at the Sixers game right after his error resulted that interception. That only happened because of what he and his teammates did a year prior. Now? Now that’s over with, a great memory, but the honeymoon is long over. Anything less than a Super Bowl victory will hurt like hell. We know that, and we know how the odds are stacked against any one team doing it in any given year, but we don’t have a choice.

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