Guaranteeing Success at Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football: Definition and Origin

From the first time it was played, half a century ago, until present day, fantasy football has gained a huge following among football fans across the country. Because of its popularity, websites for many of the country’s sports networks now host various forms of fantasy football leagues and have even created their own league versions. Many people now bet on fantasy football in hopes of making quick money.

Fantasy football is often defined as an online game wherein the success of its players depend mostly on the success of real life players of the National Football League, or NFL. The idea for this game came from Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach, a limited partner of the Oakland Raiders. His home was the place where the very first roster of fantasy football players was drafted and where the game was first played. Decades passed before the game was able penetrate mainstream awareness, but once people started noticing it there was no way for its critics to stop the ascent. Man football enthusiasts have even turned it into a hobby, unable to watch an NFL game without checking their fantasy football status on the internet.

How to Play

Basically, online gamers act either as members of a football team or as the team’s manager. Although team members are important, it is typically the manager who plays a big role in the success of his or her team. The manager does all the research on who will be drafted for the team, ranks each of the members according to their capabilities, and records their success. It is also the team manager who chooses the type of fantasy football league that the team is going to engage in, communicates with other managers, and manages any improvements that the team has to undergo. In most circumstances, it is the manager who shells out the necessary funds for purchases, as well as for placing bets.

How to Win at Fantasy Football

There are a lot of people who claim that a fantasy team’s success is solely dependent on fate. However, with proper management, as well as the ability to plan well, a team manager can expect his or her team to gather enough points to make it to the finals. Provided below are just some of the strategies that are employed by successful fantasy team managers:

Prior to drafting, they familiarize themselves with the individual rankings for each of the NFL teams and check on the capabilities and performance levels of the players that they want to draft.

They put their money on the table. Knowing that they are going to either win or lose a certain amount as made these managers more determined to win. It also makes the game more exciting.

They traded their players every ten drafts or so.

They take the time to have their scores and the system of scoring analyzed. Some managers take care of this important task personally, while others just have the data checked by dedicated teams of online scores analysts.

They never stick with a single team for the entire duration of an NFL season. The idea is the same as trading players off every now and then. It provides each fantasy football team with more leeway for garnering higher points.

They utilized free agents, or players who haven’t been drafted into any fantasy team. This process would normally require trading players.

The constantly monitor. Successful fantasy team managers are never complacent or idle. They always make sure never to miss a game, in order to verify if players are able to meet expectations, as well as to check which players are injured or unable to play for any reason. This also gives them the opportunity to grab players with good performance.

Team managers who triumph over their peers never forget the real meaning of competition: doing everything in the spirit of having fun. It is common to see competing teams poking fun at each other.

These 8 steps sum up all the things that a manager has to remember while creating his or her strategy for fantasy football. One important thing to always keep in mind is research. Always, always check on a player’s performance in the previous seasons, and before drafting a rookie first check on his background.

Fantasy football has driven huge profits into the coffers of not only numerous host websites, but also the different owners of NFL teams  because of the way it has directed millions of online gamers to continuously keep track of weekly NFL scores. Fantasy football also helped raise viewership ratings, since a lot of fantasy players prefer to watch the game in full to aid in analyzing player performance and creating better strategies.

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