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Gronk Nation Joins One Bills Live

Rob, Dan, Glenn and Chris Gronkowski invaded on September 27, 2019 where they promoted Stadium Blitz, a gamified 5K obstacle course race held in collegiate and stadiums for fitness enthusiasts. Stadium Blitz comes to on October 12, 2019. They also discussed this weekend’s matchup between the and Patriots

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Steven Stamkos

I will never respect Gronk after his cheap hit on Tre White smh

    Ben Torrey


    John Doe

    I can’t believe our team did not jump him and bust up his pretty face. He would have deserved it but I still dig Gronk. We all do stupid crap when we are young and Gronk is not proud of that cheap shot. Hopefully he and Tre can laugh about it someday. Tre owned Gronk on that play and got the pick. Hopefully Tre can do it again this week for a pick 6.

    Ronald Autele

    Jesus forgives


    I forgot about that hit, and rewatched it, wow. What an a hole.

fuk it

I can’t stop laughing the whole time

Ken VR

Now he is a Bill’s fan? No thx

    raymond milewski

    Hes not a Bill’s fan

    Stealthbomb Smith

    He grew up a Bills fan, he was just drafted by the Pats

    raymond milewski

    You see him wearing any Bill’s gear?


Honestly, after his dirty hit on tre I can’t respect the guy. Even if he is from buffalo.

    Joey sandz

    cbass yeah just no excuse for that that shows you what kind of person and player he is

    Al Bernard

    At least he didn’t go to buffalo. Their Superbowl record speaks for itself. Wa wa wa wwwwaaaaaaa

Patrick Boyd

This video is just an advertisement…..

Joe Petri

Giving meatheads a bad name.

Christopher Hutka

Yea you can’t drop the People’s Elbow on White and be cool with B-lo.

Rcae RunninCirclesAroundEveryone

Why he not in buffalo getting ready

Trevor LaVigne

Rob is easily the least likeable brother, is he just stuck in douchey frat mode?


Man that family guy episode wasn’t satire at all

Ryder Benson

I thought that Gronk hated the Bills, I know that he said in a couple of interviews that they passed on him in the 2009 Draft Twice. My Brother and some of his friends told me that for some reason that he wouldn’t have been caught dead playing for Buffalo !!!

Rick Beam

Gronk loves corn hole 🕳 lmao 🤣 he must have picked that up from Tom? We’re going to get toms corn hole 🕳 this weekend that’s forsure.


WTF would you even let this d-bag on the show?

Jeremy Ridge

Spent the whole interview talking about this stupid stadium blitz event. Very boring .

Kevin B

IDC if he was born here he is not from here. Especially after that Tre White hit

_ dave

what da Hell does grink have to do with the Bills?! oh yeah, a cheap shot… move out of Buffalo clown!

Bill Perez

Bills fan here…..I tell you what I wouldn’t care if I lost my job….If I was running the “big scree” at New Era (at half time) I would play the last 15 minutes of a 1981 Stallone movie called “Victory” instead of having a half time band…..With this game on the line and all the Bills fans on their feet chanting Victory (as the teams come back on the field for the second half)…..well if you watch this movie or remember it you’ll understand what I mean…..Give them hell guys and take no prisoners…..Good Luck…..GOOOOO BILLS……

Ali Akbar

The hit on Tre wasn’t even that bad. He didn’t cream him. It was dirty but it wasn’t that hard of a hit


After what he did to Tre White, I don’t care if he’s from Buffalo. He’ll never be one of us. The guy is a garbage human being who deserves to have his neck stepped on.

His brothers can go to hell, too. Guilty by association. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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Love gronk such a great guy great sense of humor so bubbly miss you in NE Gronkie💔😍😍 please come back come playoffs for 1 last ridee

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