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Good Day Sports

Let’s get this week 1 W!!

    Jihad Ali

    For real!!

    Bear 7453

    I hope

    Jaydog Langdon

    17-16 Bills win.

Gifford Palmer

Let’s go Jets


Save by the Bell. Let’s go J-E-T-S

Tahmouk banx

Yo i love this coach!!!

    Jake J


Ed in Florida

A cool  customer!  Very likeable.

John Hammond

Love to hear Gregg Williams speak, notice how no-one asks him bullshit questions, he would soon put them straight. Go Jets. lets get this show on the road!

    Fernando Adames

    Yes this guy does not cut slack.

T J Maiorano

Got to love this guy! He will deliver the goods on the defensive side of things. It’s nice to see that. A good defense, and of course a good offense. Together both will give us a hell of a team this year. Go Jets!

Chris Quigley

Can’t wait to see what this team can do when these guys get to draft their own!

    Walt Bonczek


neil kov

One game at a time one play one quarter at a time , i just wanna see meaningful games at halloween its been rough for my self and all fellow jet fans . J.E.T.S. JETS JETS JETS

calvin watson

That’s how players should be coached, coached to their strengths not force feed them a system.

    Kevin Jackson

    Jachai Polite would like to have a word

die_lib_ral_scu_m pansies

J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!! This is the best roster of my 45 year life!

    Joe Montore

    For a 45 year old person your YouTube name is extremely immature.

Patrick Cardoso

Greg is a sharp guy. Puts his faith in his players.

Walt Bonczek

Man, it is sooo damned refreshing to have a man with a ‘no-nonsense’ character and serious ‘chutzpah’ as a defensive coordinator! Bowles was an automaton just mumbling what he rehearsed for the press… Greg is absolutely genuine to the core and you can just tell he believes in his training process and in this team! I am excited about the future of this franchise. They may, or may not, fall short this year because of one or two missing pieces but you just know there will be a major improvement over last year’s team and after Joe Douglas drafts and free agency next year, they are going to be a serious contender for some time to come. Go JETS!

Jonny Goodrich

I think have G dub coaching this yr could make a big difference! Hes confident as hell and man i hope he helps get Tru going too, We need our DBs to step up big and we can do big things man!

Bear 7453

When coach williams speaks… you listen! I wanna see this defense shock people and turn heads ! J E T S baby

    James Brennan

    Despite the results of the game today, which I mostly blame the stupid kicker for, I think the defense did shock. I haven’t seen a Jets D this strong in years. For at least 2 1/2 – 3 quarters, we fucking devastated them. 3 sacks, a pick 6, a safety, 2 or 3 fumble recoveries, another pick… the defense definitely did 75% of the work today.


Williams gives me confidence that the Jets will have a competitive defense this year! Go Jets! As Bart Scott said , “Can’t Wait” till Sunday!

Jesus Morales

My guy looks like a mix between guy fieri and the let me speak to your manager mom lol


I really like Greg Williams and the N.Y. JETS entire coaching staff they seem very articulate as far as communicating what they are trying to accomplish.

Jerome Garcia

I actually really like this coach… so far so really good…
If he builds the depth on both lines and secondary they will be super deadly, they’re deadly right now with large upside for improvement, I vote the jets for most improved team next to Cleveland as a close second place…

The L bell pick up and Montgomery choice is like brilliant for the QB, both backs are insane pass catchers and deadly in space… Sam has weapons and a possible great run game now, watching Sam for 2 yrs at USC this is a great move.

Defense looks very decent but regular season will tell, the secondary is meh right now, but the line has been the foundation for the defense these past years… but all in all you don’t want to play the jets because they are no push over team, they that frisky drunk Irish team in the league. .. lol

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