Gregg Williams Press Conference (10/11) | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Sean Johnson Reply

Go Darnold 🐐


Trumaine played good? 🤦‍♂️

    Genghis Khan Reply

    Every time he touches the field he’s a liability

    JK THUGZ Reply

    @Genghis Khan so true.. got lucky Wentz didnt connect on some of those throws and he gave Nelson like a 20yard cushion.. still woulda got burnt deep

    Gary Scott Reply

    As a coach, you shouldn’t throw a player under the bus in front of the media but behind closed doors but during practice or team meetings, you should pull no punches. Truth is, Trumaine was a average at best but coach has to keep team morale up by staying positive.

    Gregg William’s is a DC that inspires players and deserves to be a head coach. When u look at the way the Brown’s are playing now, u have to question whether Gregg William’s was the reason they won some games last year.

2CardArsenal Reply

Being a Saints fan I always admired Coach Williams and felt he should be a Head Coach! This guy is a defensive genius, all he does is adapt to what personnel he has and gives opposing OC’s nightmares.

Genghis Khan Reply

Gregg has done a solid job with all back up linebackers and Trumaine being complete trash

Rommel V Reply

I enjoy listening to this guy more than Adam Gase.

    Angel Reply

    Dude made a top ten defense without any talent

Tanzer Reply

who is jinx?

Gmoney Anthony Reply

Can’t wait for this guy to be our interim coach 🔥🔥

Cam Blake Reply

I wouldn’t be mad if GW ended up being the head coach.

Ed in Florida Reply

Fire Gase and make Gregg Williams HC.

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