Greg Olson talks Darren Waller and the Vikings’ pass rush | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Greg Olson talks Darren Waller and the Vikings’ pass rush | Raiders

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson discusses the growth of tight end Darren Waller, the return of guard Richie Incognito and the Minnesota Vikings' pass rush.

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Cut It Reply

Big game for the O Line and the running backs not just the running game but the passing gamea as well as picking up blitzes when they come

Real Richmond Reply

Raider Nation 4 life !! Looking forward to the Vikings.

michael garrido Reply

Raider forever 🏈💯

The Raiders Daily Reply

Poor dude has to pretend he’s the OC…..

    Bruce Simmons Reply

    It’s a shame he isn’t the play caller cuz he knows how to create a scheme around the talent. As opposed to forcing your talent around your scheme. Which is what Gruden does well.

Zanyy Reply

My man Greg has some solid hair

SmithsnMoz Reply

Wish we had Del Rio & Musgrave back!! THIS OFFENSE STINKS!

    Put that put that Reply

    SmithsnMoz at least musgrave I think that was Derrick best system

    SmithsnMoz Reply

    @Put that put that .. ABSOLUTELY! I dont like this dink n dunk offense. And I’ll bet CARR doesn’t either.

Matt Balderrama Reply

Vikings fan here but let’s be honest if they get to Quirk Cousins he’ll fumble or throw the game away

Lee Austin Reply

How TF is he not sure if Trent Brown trained today. I would have expected that to be his priority one. Not as if you can miss the guy…

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