Greg Olson on offense: “We’re built to run the ball” | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Greg Olson on offense: “We’re built to run the ball” | Raiders

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson discusses running back Josh Jacobs' performance against the Denver Broncos, the depth on the offensive line and the growth of tight end Darren Waller.

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ricky vega

Hell yeah 😎💪 was a good game 👌 Go Raiders !!!

Jarrett Allen

Never thought I would hear this coming out of Olsen’s mouth. 💯💯💯💯

Markus malloy

Raisers offense is going to beat KC and the zoom

    PS4 G

    Raiders are Gunna smash Them up


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA42-28 Chiefs. Raiders don’t stand a chance.


last time time we had greg olson he was terrible. been calling good plays. i dont know how much of that is gruden though


    Do you think Gruden brings his brother in? I hear this his last season in Washington!

    Say When

    @FLORIDA-BOY Why not, he knows Gruden’s offense better than Olson. .. If 30 year old Kellen Moore can be OC of Dallas, why not Rich Gannon.


    @Say When has he ever been a coordinator? being a good qb dont make u a good OC. we had enough of first time coaches

    Say When

    @FLORIDA-BOY Gruden is calling the plays.


    All. Gruden is the OC for all practical purposes.

Say When

*”The key is score more points than the other team”*
*~Greg Olson*

    kendall Evans


    Pavel Hanek

    Thus spoke Greg Olson

Corey Smith

1st dwns are goal lines in this Offense! I’ve always loved this O. Very hard to defend when executed right and a good D!

Lincoln Kauffman

We just have to run the ball and keep the kc offense off the field


We just need one more really quick receiver. I want to see JJ Nelson on the field some more. We can also go after someone else with the money we would’ve gave AB

    Notorious BOT

    @MrHalfblack69 Raiders already signed back Keelan Doss.

    Joshua scott

    @Notorious BOT yea for j.j nelson spot

    Joshua scott

    @Notorious BOT so doss probably going to play

    freedom from

    Need 2 great linebackers!


    yeah i really want JJ back i think he’ll help ryan as the no.2

Kevin M

seems stupid to discuss tactics on line



A.R.G Productions

1000th viewer, what do I win?

Poppa WoLFF

Both Gunther and Olson are full of hand gestures

Mike Johnson

Let’s do that 40 times against Kansas City!! More swig passes to the RB’s to during this game! You got this Carr! Play our game of football and follow the game plan!! Just win baby!! RN4L!! 2-0 after week 2! Put the NFL on notice to who we are as a team!!

Saul C

Greg Olsen confirms that Josh Jacob’s is Thicc



James Rivera

With Carr and having protection we will be a playoff team. He’s one of the best qbs in the league

James Williams

Super thicc boi

Gains for Me

Lets get JJ Nelson in there! He was such a threat for Arizona but had shtty QB play the past few years there.

    Low Key Evoh

    I agree! But he’s hurt rn. 🤕

Creed Lewis

“He thicc” 😍😂

John J. Vela

Great win, total domination.

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