Greg Olson discusses the importance of starting fast on offense | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Oaktown 66 Reply

Dink, Dunk, & Punt…Repeat! = Greg Olson.

Apache 247 Reply

Carr needs to play better.. he’s not playing like the QB we paid big $$$$ for.

orlando martinez Reply

Boo this man.

brandon jaime Reply

So much for having qb gurus for coaches
Change the calls

bill hawk Reply

Derek slide faster when u see pressure cause we gotta let those 2 yard routes develop

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    Uhmm excuse me.. 4 yard routes to be exact

Leon Florence Reply

What does this guy even do

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    He calls for 4 yard routes on 3rd and 9, don’t you know?

Cut It Reply

I honestly think Carr only excels when he has a good running game going . If we let him drop back n pass 28+ times he can’t handleit hell throw a pick here n there and make some terrible decisions along the way. Through the years ive notice the games where the running was worning Derek has had some great games and wins. Thats just my observations as A dedicated Raiders fan.

CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

Bro what are you even doing… call some plays down the damn field once in a while.. Unleash Carr ffs! So frustrating

    Jaydog209 Reply

    Tyrell isn’t fast enough. We don’t have the receivers so once again everyone will question Carr his year just like last year. I knew this would happen once ab got cut.

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply

    @Jaydog209 really speed is your excuse for calling 3 yard screens every damn play? Lol

Jacques Ingram Reply

PUT Kolton Miller at RT Put Joyner at FS sign Jalen Ramsey N Bowman Bring back Charles Woodson and Marshall Lynch Sign Michael Crabtree Fire Grey Olson Fire Tom Cable Hire OC Bill Musgrave and hire Mike Tice PUT JOSH JACOBS ON SOME wheel routes AND LINE HIM UP AS A SLOT receiver

Charles Wyatt Reply

His interviews are as boring as the play calling 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Cool Breeze Reply

cant start fast when your QB won’t hold onto the ball for more than 1 second before he throws a 3 yard pass for a loss. 

Derek Carr is now Derek Checkdown and needs to be wearing a purse and high heels when he takes the field b/c everyone knows he plays like a girl

Ernst Remer Reply

Greg “the HOMELESS MAN “Olsen -Gruden found this jerk sprawled out on a highway medium -FIRE THIS HOMELESS MAN AND HIRE BILL MUSGRAVE

1640 nl Reply

Open up that offense. Just let it fly. Use Jacobs in the passing game more.

Neighborhood Sancho Reply

Starting fast and end up getting whooped lmfao

Gains for Me Reply

I better see Rico Gafford or Keelan Doss or Marcell Ateman in this upcoming game holy SHT…

hugoja17 Reply

this guy was gone. idk why they bring him back. the play calling is trash

Tyger King of kings Reply

The Raiders organization is full of stressed out bums with no skill that are just making stupid money and wasting time. Smh😏😏👎

Junior Moreno Reply

Patrick mahomes ad lmfao !!😂

K Hasan Reply

As soon as I heard that Gruden was bringing Olsen and Cabke back, I already knew what to expect! They were trash years ago and nothing has changed. This guy was calling Nintendo plays back then and is doing just the same now.

Bruce Simmons Reply

We’ve done more with less in the past. This guy is handcuffed, give him the reins to call plays & I bet 90% of our issues go away. This guy knows offense & can create plays around our talent if allowed. Chucky sucks

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