Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine breaks down defensive scheme – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Greg Miller

I think they should stop the run as priority #1. Make Diggs and Theilen work on our vastly improved secondary. I would let my corners and safeties cover those 2 guys.


    There’s more than 2 receivers.. isn’t that ez

    Devin Bradshaw

    I’m quite sure Pettine knows what he’s doing

    King Ky96

    @KASEY SMITH 2 receivers and a tight end

    jerome roberts

    That’s facts 💯💪🏼

    Barb Nee

    Thielen put up 8 straight 100 yard games last year against some of the top safties lol okay…can’t cover him or diggs 1 v 1.

Keshan Mitchell

Stop the run. Number 1 priority.

Reno Geremen

1)Stop the run first
2) cover up theilen and diggs
3) watch out for the TE postion they might go to that if the other dont work…

    Total War Destroyer

    Basically cover everyone? Good luck. Your best hope against us is to blitz.

    Elijah Reeder

    @Total War Destroyer blitz will definitely work against your pass offense the question will be whether or not we can stop your run attack


Anyone who recognizes my handle knows I believe Ty Summers is the future of the MLB spot next to Blake and I have since about mid season last year at TCU ! That being said Goodson was a hell of a pick up and should be used this season saving Ty Summers for future seasons . Goodson can play !


Look at his face at 0:01 and how fast it changes

    Tazire Cadet


    Total War Destroyer

    Looks like Hopper from Stranger Things

David Zitterich

Vikings 27, GreenBay 17

    thatone guy

    Packers 24 – Vikings 10

    Elijah Reeder

    @Total War Destroyer u guys remind me of da bears aside the fact that u made the nfc championship in 2017

    Total War Destroyer

    @Elijah Reeder

    Oh, really? We won our first game.

    Elijah Reeder

    @Total War Destroyer u played the falcons at home gimme a break lol

    Total War Destroyer

    @Elijah Reeder
    Yeah, that’s an overrated advantage

Texas Savage



Nameless Assassin

Give this man a 10 year extension already

    Eddie Jansen

    Reminds me of what everyone was saying back in 09′ about Capers

    It’s about the players. They finally have a pass rush and two safeties that’s won’t lose games

    Elijah Reeder

    @Eddie Jansen exactly combine all pro level players with a smart and efficient defensive coach and u get a top 5 dfence

Timothy Kenyon

Mike Petine has definitely provided what the Packers needed

John Wayne Everett

I WISH HE COULD SEE THIS I COACHED 45 YEARS ….SIR I AM SO GRATEFUL YOU ARE THE DE….. COACH …Thank you very much for all your hard work i was happy to see you be blessed last week..

John Wayne Everett

2nd 3rd sets being ready is what wins games ….tackling …. book end yes 3 steps book in turn the play in ….yes sir…..finally thats the best D

Frances Pogi

don’t forget we have BJ Goodson from the NY giants ! he specializes at run stops !! #GoPackGo

    Glooo AlmightyyyF

    Frances Pogi 👀👀

John Denver

Something tells me that Irv Smith will hot a long TD against us.

Ryan Petras

I think we’ll see a LOT more of Rashan Gary this game, because of his ability to stop the run…. Gary and Clark in the middle would be dirty



Thomas Kimball

I’m so happy Pettine is on the sidelines instead of the booth. It makes such a difference being with the players personally instead of on the phone.

thatone guy

Stuff the run early and get a few scores and we should be alright. I don’t believe Cousins has the ability to carry this team, especially against our improved secondary.

    Elijah Reeder

    agreed the game will come down to what we can do to stop their run as well as how efficient our offense is


can everyone else from the Packers Staff be like Mike and just talk Football Schematics & Formations!!!!!!!!! MY GOD WE’VE BEEN DEPRIVED OF THIS FOR YEEEAAAARRRRRRSSSSSS ! No talk about the players being “High Character” guys, or “Tremendous Individual” or “Heck of an Off-Season”, or how as a Coach they’re “Really Proud of his improvement”. Please be like Mike. We want to win some football games no more non sense.

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