Grambling State University vs. Louisiana Tech University Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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NotFanaticツ Reply

Noice like this comment if you love football

Ethan Black Reply

Huh, I didn’t know this channel did college highlights

    Kayman234 Reply

    Only for HBCUs

    Isabella Pinto Reply

    Omg that’s so true

    J Silva Reply

    @Kayman234 do HBC play in conferences with regular schools or is there a HBC Conference?

Bret Lebo Reply

Did the nfl accidentally upload this? I’m confused

    American Sports Fan Reply

    They hosted this on NFL Network so they uploaded highlights

    Aether Irish Reply

    American Sports Fan for why?

    Kayman234 Reply

    Aether Irish they’ve started doing HBCU games

    BM32 Reply

    Jay z

Chrishon Brown Reply

Could’ve sworn this was an NFL channel

    Andrew Harvey Reply

    2 new teams to replace the dolphins and cardinals

    Eeds Ssxv Reply

    This IS the NFL’s YouTube channel

salah areikat Reply

Why would you upload this😂

    King Rodney Reply

    salah areikat what’s wrong with it, it’s an hbcu going against a college just give them some recognition

    Patrick Martin Reply

    Bc NFL network hosted it

    Ash_Supreme Reply

    Cause it’s on nfl network

    obah lovell Reply

    What’s the problem?

    Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer Reply

    salah areikat I’ll get you banned from YouTube for asking such a ridiculous question

Relly Rell Reply

He missed that field goal

itownbaby Reply

It’s on nfl network

Shotty McThotty Reply

Like if the pats are op

A11 Reply

Did I hear Steve Asutin’s theme at the start?

aQuestionableQuestion Reply

Dear NFL…give us more College Highlights for those fans that aren’t american

Shotty McThotty Reply

People..they posted this because it was on NFLN…use your head

    Zurkez Hinton Reply

    Then why was it on NFL Network…
    They doing sumthin new ???

    James Reynolds Reply

    Zurkez Hinton HBCU

    Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer Reply

    Zurkez Hinton I’ll get you banned from YouTube for continuing to ask questions despite the answer being already told

    Zurkez Hinton Reply

    @Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer but why ??? … Jk 😏

Rafael Rato Reply

Bro, I read gambling university😂

    meganega123 Reply

    Same here 🤣

    Patrick Ols Reply

    Glasses would be a good idea maybe?

matt f Reply

Are these kids gonna get any of the money that this upload makes??

    Rowdy Jr. Reply

    If they do, their scholarships will be taking away from them and pull a Donald De La Haye moment lol.

    da la Reply

    @Rowdy Jr. Donald De La Haye is garbage at kicking lol

    Rowdy Jr. Reply

    @da la He’s getting better and better now. One day, you will hear his name in the NFL.

AJB Reply

Thanks is for the love. I went to LA Tech. These schools are 5 minutes apart. Nice to see them playing each other again. I think Grambling is playing UL Monroe also. Good deal for North Louisiana.

    Matt_Trees Reply

    I went to the game. Yes grambling just played ulm.

Prince-Kayson Kealamauloa Reply

this made me laugh 😂😂

T_Steelers Gaming and Tech Reply

I thought this was the NFL channel not the NCAA…

nunyabiness Reply

yall stop being mad at young athletes getting some clout

Nick Reply

I mean i go to Tech so I appreciate this… but why?


watch this full game on my channel

boydofw Reply

The NFL Network is gonna have a Conference-USA game on its network each Saturday this season. Keep up, people lol

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