Going to Be a Fun Year With Passing Attack | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Going to Be a Fun Year With Passing Attack | Ravens Final Drive

Despite missed time this offseason, the passing game has looked sharp and tight end Mark Andrews envisions big production.

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Marcelo 5220 Reply

I’m really excited to watch Miles Boykin’s progress

jake nail Reply

Out of all the crap that happened over the weekend y’all choose to talk about the passing game 😂 This team is gonna need to trade for or sign another safety. Rotating corners back there isn’t gonna work

    Bla Reply

    Rotating corners is literally what we have done all the time. We are fine. Quit crying

    jake nail Reply

    @Bla our corners shouldn’t rotate safety snaps lol Jimmy and Tavon are both injury prone we don’t need them getting hurt playing safety

    matrixphijr Reply

    Team actually improved by removing the cancer ET, but okay.

    Gamer God Reply

    jake nail nah I believe in Deshan Elliot he has great potential he just needs to stay healthy

Gamer God Reply

I’m hype for miles boykin

HezTooChill ❄️ Reply

Like if we winning the SB

king shark Reply

😏 we toast…… but all good, I know what should happen, and it’s coming, it was just delayed because of a qb that caught teams by surprise and saved some folks who was almost gone jobs.

But the truth is on the way.

bromar3000 Reply

Mark got that swagger now.

Martin Phillips Reply

Ravens on the right track.

Jimmy Hu Reply

Don’t sleep on Boykin

D B Reply

you would need a qb who actually throws the ball lol

    Gamer God Reply

    D B stop hating He throws fine and he is pretty accurate if you actually watch ravens games

    matrixphijr Reply

    @D B Did he say something wrong? Lamar literally led the league in pass TDs and won MVP. So… that means he’s better than your QB. 🤷‍♂️

    Gamer God Reply

    matrixphijr fax he probably a insecure Titans or chiefs fan

    D B Reply

    @matrixphijr 😂😂😂 please

    D B Reply

    @Gamer God keep telling yourself that kid

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