Going Pro: Tony Pollard | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Adams 4

Mabye y’all can use him as a reciver

    Logan Reyes

    Who is “yall”?


    Logan Reyes the Dallas Cowboys obviously

    Logan Reyes

    @Asmodeus I guess it’s weird that a cowboys fan is saying yall, I would’ve said “maybe we can use him as a receiver “


    Logan Reyes yeah, it’s kinda like how people think it’s weird when fans say “we” even tho they aren’t apart of the team.. To each their own

Jimmy Dean

Does David hellman even give 2 fucks about the cowboys? I can’t tel!

8-Bit Eric

this man should have started. he earned it. he was at training all summer. but jerry bended over for zeke.

    Nicolas Garcia

    Who’s a better back??

    TXscrewHead956 MexicanPride

    It’s a good thing your not the coach

    The Prune

    You wrestling again?

    A. Hernandez

    Pollard is good but he ain’t no Zeke. 2-bit.

Like Deal

What was the purpose of this video….smh

    Mazer Rackham

    My man it’s self explanatory, hence the title

Robin S


D Truth

So should I start him or not?

    Mazer Rackham

    I would, he can take to the house on any given play. He registered 3.8 at his pro day. He’s an absolute terror on screens too

    Like Deal

    I drafted him too. I’d say dont drop him but dont start him either.


    Flex at the most.

David Yousenasna

Pollard brings an explosive element back to the RB position. Excited to see how he does in this offense

Ryan S

I was just thinking #36 looked odd


I declare now that pollards first TD will be a screen pass from Dak

Meez Breeze

Pls draft Ab


    “draft” lol

Meez Breeze

He is now a free agent


Now that we have Zeke back, we need to put Pollard at KR. He was a beast kick returner in college.

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