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Cartman Power

Green Bay easily wins. Let’s get serious.

    Crill Spez

    Packers already scored. As a Broncos fan, unfortunately, I think you’re right

Wallace Velie

Playing conservative offense again, won’t let Flaco do his thing, refuse to put pressure on GB defense, too afraid of interception.

Jerome Schulze

This team is trash.. These coaches need to go so does john.. 1-15 season.. Miller , wolf, Chris, sanders, simmions, parks, Davis, Sutton, alp need to go.. Garbage.. Team is straight trash..worse than dolohins

    Xxl 2x

    Ong but keep sanders sutton miller and get rid of flacco and yiadom

    Xxl 2x

    And our offense of line

    Jerome Schulze

    @Xxl 2x no hell no..miller wants out you can tell by his body languege.. Gets paid and nothing.. He needs to go.. Sanders cant catch..and only been thrown to 2 times today .. Everybody who I said needs to go..aling with coaches and elway.. Pat would be pissed right now

Xxl 2x

It’s sad how we have the most easy season schedule and we are loosing broncos don’t know how to win i mean this game the Broncos did there best to lose


    Easiest schedule we’ve had in probably a decade, and they already blew it

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