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Go Broncos!!!!!!!!

David From Colorado

Let’s get this one

Dizzel _YTx


Jesse Williams

Let’s get are first win!

Mile High 6IX

21-10 broncos

Beast Mans Broncos Football

Yeah get hyped we gonna get our first dub of the season!!


    We got this!!!!

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    @turtle4614 yeah easy dub!!

    Beast Mans Broncos Football

    @turtle4614 imma make a vid on it check it out if you want!

Clyde Triplett

Number 30s are special in Bronco history.

ray ray

Ramsey is gonna guard Sanders so feed sutton that other vet is not that aggressive, you will probably see lindsay open alot

    Hunter Livie

    Ramsey will probably play and guard Sanders

Jodi Logans

They should wear the blue ones the orange ones are ugly


    Jodi Logans Orange is our main color, our identity at home for 50 years. They are ugly???????????? You sound like a Raiders Troll.

    Jodi Logans

    We have one more wearing the blue jerseys


    @Jodi Logans lol well we had better teams than we do now. It’s the players in the jerseys that are our problem right now, not the colors.


Let’s goooooooo!


Go Broncos! Time for a win!

Karen Shelton

Go Broncos
I Still Believe That The Denver Broncos And Skinny Joe Flacco Can Win The Super Bowl I Have Been Telling Everyone That I Can Since They Signed Skinny Joe.
If Only The Offensive Line And The Defense Would Show Up And Do Their Jobs.
Joe Flacco Philip Lyndsey Noa Fant Emanuel Sanders And The Rest Of The Offense Is More Than Good Enough To Win Every Game, If We Were Able To Not Have Hear Holding Number 72 Every Time That They Make A Good Play And Start Moving The Ball.
If That Keeps Happening Put Someone On The Defensive Line In His Place And Bench Him.
I Don’t Think Some Of Our Defensive Players Would Have Much Trouble At All Making The Adjustment Expecialy Shelby Harris I Truly Believe That He Could Play Even Better On The Offensive Line At Every Position.
Could You Imagine Short Yardage And Shelby Playing Running Back???
How Many Guys Do You Think It Would Take To Tackle Him If He Got A Good Head Of Steam Going
Chicago Had The Refrigerator We Could Have The Steam Roller.
Even If He Didn’t Get The Ball He Could Be A Hell Of An Extra Blocker And Help Protect Our Quarter Back.

Nanette C


Josh Clancy

Come on broncos


GO BRONCOS!!!! Rally at the home game!!!!

Mike Taylor

This is horrible. Go up by 17 to 3. Then quit. This coach needs fired


Yet another stupid loss

Thomas Dowd

Great job Elway, another great choice in our coach when you had wade and you let him go because of your ego, as gifted as you were as a player you’re as bad as a Gm/ Vice President of football operations, thanks for making us the laugh of the league. Hey John, I have a spare sack if you want it, because you’re gonna need it🖕☘️🇮🇪


I’m done I am sorry but I’m done with this broncos season.

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