‘GMFB’ Crowns Ronald Jones Week 3 Angry Runs Winner – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

‘GMFB’ Crowns Ronald Jones Week 3 Angry Runs Winner

The "Good Morning Football" crew crowns running back Ronald Jones the Week 3 angry runs winner.

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Corey Davis Reply

Good job rojo
I can’t wait till this next Sunday

Adam Leovick Reply

I only could listen to this for 1:15 seconds haha

Daniel Cohen Reply

Too funny and agree with the pick

Rawted Yardie Reply

Love the high energy KB…Rojo is the obvious choice. But did you see Ez Elliott Sunday trucking on that TD?!

    Chan Kamcellor Reply

    Him and that 14 carries for 34 total yards rushing? Total beast. Definitely worth the money.

Vincent Wright Reply

Everything was great until he put Tampa Bucs Donavan Smith and toughness together .

    Jeffy Johnson Reply

    I know he should of lead with Jensen

Mr. Smith Reply

Tampa’s Center is a Beast

Jin Chang Reply

T B is heating up. Gronkowski is heating up. Defense is heating up. Tampa Bay Buccaneers is heating up and there’s nothing to stop them from getting hot!!!!!
Super Bowl bound.
Never bet against Tom Brady!!!!

    Spread Love Reply

    You better believe it!! #1 in the NFC SOUTH BABY!!!


    Spread Love # firethemcannons

    Syndrac Reply

    Hey man relax….we beat 2 bad teams in a row.

Lowtan19 Reply

I couldn’t have semi screamed for that long. Respect

Feelz Reply

Fournette is better and deserves more carries

    los lopez Reply

    Hmmmm I think it’s a perfect duo thunder and lightning baby

Leetus Productions Reply

Rojo and the boys up front need a pic together!!!

45 pewterpirate Reply

Love it!😂

Wayne Hays Reply

My favorite play in that game!!


    Mine was the streak to Godwin and he delivered a moss

Old Gyrene Reply

Did you notice Wirfs actually reaches out at 4:34 @ the end to help ROJO go down soft and not get hurt? Now THAT is a TEAMMATE to have. This team is special. Brady and Gronk brought the “Patriot Way” to Tampa and its working. Just to bad Godwin pulled a hammy

    Eduard Bandi Reply

    Dude I didn’t even notice that! That is some awesome team play and shows you how much Wirfs cares about his boys!!

Ben Vasilinda Reply

Bucs are starting to gain some steam as they learn each other better each week.

Dr. Greenthumb Reply

It’s not a scepter it’s a prostate massager, also this guy needs to lay off the juice!

ryan rich Reply

WTH is this? Lol

TheBrassBrigade Reply

Run at 4:17. You’re welcome. (Also Tristan Wirfs being added to this line helped this play happen because of the Hawkeyes’ legendary QB sneaks)

Sleep Talking While Sleep Walking Reply

When that happened I said “that’s the best run of his career.”

    Clutch Sports Reply

    Yet, it’s not

    Clutch Sports Reply

    He’s had better. Go watch

    Sleep Talking While Sleep Walking Reply

    I’m pretty familiar with his career. I’d say it’s definitely his grittiest run. His rookie season looks like he was going to be a bust.

    Clutch Sports Reply

    @Sleep Talking While Sleep Walking grittiest, yes but his rookie season was bad all because the head coach was an idiot. All he wanted to do was pass the ball and lose every lead. Oh snap he’s doing it again with the Falcons 😄

jason kruger Reply

Im not a fan of rojo, he just seems to run in to trouble

Incognitus Reply

Why I watch GMFB

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