GMFB Calls Devin White ‘Scariest Player in the NFL’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

GMFB Calls Devin White ‘Scariest Player in the NFL’

The "Good Morning Football" crew crowns the angry runs winner of the Divisional Round.

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Carson Lowe Reply

Can’t wait for Green Bay!

    s5 dollars Reply

    @Mikhail York Bucs they been trash talkin’ out bad n’ the comments just cause they beat the saints

    Mikhail York Reply

    @s5 dollars ikr good luck to yall in the Superbowl

    s5 dollars Reply

    @Mikhail York Thanks bro we gonna win the Superbowl the houston texas good anyway thet actually beat the bucs down

    Go Bucs Reply

    @Mikhail York you always in the comments on Bucs vids get a life

    Mikhail York Reply

    @Go Bucs SALTY

Channel 10 Reply

go bucs

Seacock Nanny Reply

Love watching him Blitz. He is patient and is graceful/beastly at the same time.

Jim D Reply

I’ll bet he’ll have Aaron Rogers scared, especially with his Pro Bowl left tackle out!

    s5 dollars Reply

    Kuz that’s a 💯 of a kap

CloutCoinJae COINZ Reply


Mr. Smith Reply

Devin “In Your Nightmares” White
Ryan “Give Me Your BBQ Ribs” Jensen

    Ramon Pilgrim Reply


45 pewterpirate Reply

DW is the man! Period

C4Black Tampa Bay Reply

Devon white used to be a running back that’s why he so fast

BucsFan1976 Reply


Jedi Radek Crif Reply

Can We please have an expanded Tommy and Gronky this week???
Tommy (the GOAT)
Lenny (Playoff LENNY)
Devie (the WIDOWMAKER)

JJHcars Reply

Now all D White needs is a Nike commercial like back in the day when Dennis Hopper was the ref terrified of certain players. This absolute beast is a hardy nickerson throwback

Scott Deaton Reply

All props to Devin White, the dude has earned it but is this “show” a real thing or satire of yet another garbage sports show?

jakshyt Reply

When even one player plays with the kind of energy Devin White played with in this game, it elevates the entire team. Great game Devin. Win one more and the next game will be back in Tampa, the Super Bowl. Go Bucs!

Jon Snow Reply

He also gave cry-baby Michael Thomas a nice shove after his fumble recovery!

Anna Fraley Reply

Sorry, but I Can’t watch an out of control screaming person like that,
Couldn’t get 30 seconds into it.

the sage 88 Reply

I smiled through this entire video lol

D H Reply

Devin White Intercepts!:
” *please try to stop me* ”
( shoves arm down tacklers throat)

Saviron Hipps Reply

This guy must have good cardio to stay in character the whole segment lol

Aaron Parmer Reply

U heard it from white himself as soon as he got the pick he turns into a RB enx of story let’s go!!!!

A.T X Reply

Love the way he tackles lol that man was all over the field on Sunday

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