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Lana Felix

in veach we trust

godly glow7




    godly glow7


    Ed Griffin

    Give it time

godly glow7


Jayden W



    Chiefskingdom and ddg squad 💪🏽


Veach is a god amongst mortal men.

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We need another DJ to command the Defense for it’s future. Hitchens isn’t going to get any faster plugging those holes and not impressed in that area at all to be honest. Miss the way DJ would torpedoe himself and disrupt the flow right away man I hope we find that again and two shots in the second might be worth it for one.

    Ryan White

    Amen. That dude could shoot a gap like no other chief ive ever seen in my lifetime (32 years).. Partially why I HAD to get DJs jersey about 5-6 years ago

Brad Winslow


    I missed the Joke

    You’re hella late

Ryan White

Anybody notice what position he DIDNT mention there?? He said getting the offensive tackle gives them flexibility to go either O-Line, D-line, corner, safety, linebacker…. The fact that he DIDNT mention WR, makes me think theyre gonna move up && get a receiver early in the round 2mro. Veach is sneaky like that. Lol

    godly glow7

    Na , we have talented receivers, lb and corner is what I think . we addressed the o-line we already have the receiver core , we need an aggressive side line to side line linebacker that likes to hit, and a fast corner with skill to alleviate all the penalties

    Ryan White

    @usernamesrlamo im not saying give them both up entirely. Package them both to someone to move up in the 2nd && get a 3rd or 4th in return. So you’d spread the picks out && keep the same quantity.

    Father Hendrixx

    That’s true might be smoke screens but I think veach might get DE or LB at 58 then hopefully a WR at 63 but who knows anything can happen


    What are the odds that Elijah Moore drops to 58 lol Ik it wont happen but man it would be nice

    Khader Roble

    @godly glow7 we lost Sammy and it will become harder to connect always with Kelce and Hill every game with every catch. We need a WR to complete the room. Robinson on 1yr deal and Pringle on Tender. Mecole’s been good but needs to do more. WR isn’t immediate like LB or CB but at some point in draft

InThe MaZe

Sharp, sharp, team member!

Ricardo Masvidal

Orlando Brown is what we needed. Protect Pat at all costs

    Rodney Tolefree


    Lee Von


Sebastian Bailey

Bring Alex Smith back as a coach!

Benjamin Wachold

Orlando Brown is the Tackle we needed to protect Patrick. He has to stay healthy and upright. He can’t get hit like he has been.

James Rowell

Veach is a smart dude. Those 2 second round picks will likely be pro bowlers their rookie seasons. The best GM in the league.

Alec Fischbach

Such a great GM

Alec Fischbach

Chiefs should get a CB especially after losing breeland but I would be happy with a WR

    P Taylor

    I agree with getting a CB, but I don’t think we’ve lost Breeland yet. We haven’t signed him and I don’t think anyone else has signed him. His marijuana incident in Carolina has not helped his cause.

    Hayden Sheppard

    I think we can wait tell 4th round then draft a CB I really like Karly vincent jr from LSU

Manuel Aguirre

SB 54, 55 “The Big😤 fck’n 💪Chief” Commander in Chief GM Brett Veach knows😉👍 56 🏆 No one messes with the Big Boss 🤘🏄 In Chief We Trust

Franz Weinhardt

We have 58 and 63 right? Veach said 62 xD

Chiefs 2020 Champs

Best Gm in the league! Ready for round 2 😤

William Hooper

LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah PLEASE!!!

Gerald Haskell

We didn’t even have a pick for the first round. All that talking and no one asked about Julio Jones?!?!

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