Girls Talk, ‘Boys Talk: Dak Confirms Return? | Dallas Cowboys 2022 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Girls Talk, ‘Boys Talk: Dak Confirms Return? | Dallas Cowboys 2022

The crew breaks down what Dak had to say in media interviews, the impact his return will have going forward, and get insight with Detroit Lions reporter Dannie Rogers ahead of Sunday's game.

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Michael Benavidez

Good insight , enjoying the Girl’s talk ! Let’s Go Cowboy’s

Jo Gonzales

I’m absolutely loving this show more and more. Keep up the great work ladies. 🥰💯⭐🤠🏈

Texas_D 903

Turn their mics up a lil… I git earbuds in and can hardly hear em

gdubb 1228

This is a great show keep up the great work


Dak has to put up good tape. The last two games we have seen him play were probably his worst showing which is why there was chatter regarding Cooper Rush. Also Eagles pointed out a couple of flaws in our defense. We didn’t have the answer to the RPO’s and the rub routes sprinting to Michas side. I know the Loins don’t have the eagles personnel but it wouldn’t surprise me if we see a lot of rub routes and in traffic slants.


    It’s up too Moore to put offense players in better position n continue to the run the ball 49ers game they didn’t get the ball to their skills players same thing n the Bucs game that’s on the OC his system doesn’t work against really good teams

Aaron Thacker

The disrespect about Cooper from Hailey is ridiculous. Cooper to CeeDee Giants game. Cooper to Jake Ferguson and also Cooper to Noah Brown.


Nice name drop there Jane. I too am a follower of stoicism and one of my favorite Marcus Aurelius quotes is applicable to the Cowboys and their resiliency. Marcus liked to say, “Throw a rock in the air. The rock gains nothing by going up and it loses nothing by coming down. The rock stays the same. Be the rock and accept triumph and disaster as indifferent to who you are.” The Cowboys have been the rock and responding to ups and downs with the same energy. That’s one key to success and it’s actually something we haven’t seen in years past from this team. I hope it points to good things ahead. LFG Cowboys!

Stewart Buford

❤️ The show! I feel Zeke hurt the team last year! Dalton it’s not good to play hurt. Guys give yourself time to heal properly!

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