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Axel R Reply

Ah, we are blessed once again with another performance from Dan “The White Mahomes” Jones.

    boomKnootz88 Reply

    Jones has been great but his play style is NOTHING like Mahomes lol
    Not only is he missing the Rocket Arm but he’s missing the acrobatic throws as well..

    His play style resembles Eli Manning a lot ..who would have thought lol

    Dj ish Reply

    boomKnootz88 no not really Eli has always had a cannon his demeanor is like Eli but he plays honestly like Alex smith mixed with better accuracy and a little more aggressive on some passes but this is against backups he still has a lot to prove

    mrbill806 Reply

    No where near the level of mahomes

    Ross Cardenas Reply

    daniel jones sucks eli is better.

Q Sloan Reply

I’m praying that they’ll keep the same energy in October week 6 🤞🏾😬

    Aleksandro Gora Reply

    @Ken Bro the giants always give the patriots a run for their money regardless if its preseason, the reg season, or the superbowl. The giants are one of the few teams Bill actually respects.

    Jp Thabeast Reply

    @Aleksandro Gora because he use to coach there remember I guess it one of the few teams he doesn’t cheat against 😂😂

    Guillermo Landaverde Orellana Reply

    @michael thompson that was many years ago stick with time you 🤡🤡🤡

    Kidkicks 11 Reply

    michael thompson but this season the giants aren’t gonna beat the patriots especially not in foxborough

QualifiedGamer Reply

Wouldn’t be the first time the Giants ended a perfect patriots season

    coolgamer17 Reply

    George Lewis your comment just shows how mad you’re lol. We beat u two times in the super bowl. U think you can talk? U have to bring up other teams u beat which is pathetic. Stay salty 😂😂😂😂🍼🍼🍼

    biggcnile1 Reply

    @George Lewis alot of NFL fans wasnt around 10-15yrs sgo so that weak poor excuae of a dismissal is irrelevant

    Sal Va Reply

    @George Parra u mad cry

    Grassman Nightmare Reply

    They didn’t look at the play clock at the last play it’s at zero one second later they hike the ball

    Saumya Patel Reply

    preseason u mean. also players got taken out. why tf would we injure our player just to win in preseason

Brett Tanchak Reply

Alonzo Russel looking super good this preseason 👀

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Nice power TD run by Clemson alum Wayne gallman he’s number 2 behind saquon

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    Kyle lauletta looked Stout

    Jacob Carota Reply

    @Topothetop Yeah, he needs better field awareness, but he did a great job at beating his coverage many times tonight.

    HatinNate Reply

    He should be a number 2 when tate gets back

    Cory Bernstein Reply

    @HatinNate the guy doesn’t quit


They took out jones so early

    CTC Reply

    @Tauseef Kazi… U trippin bro. Say NO! next time, ok.

    AMILL1020 Reply

    they prolly don’t want him to get hurt👀👀👀👀👀🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe he’s starting????

    Troy Amaral Reply

    I know, im a pats fan and i was looking forward to watching him! Been hearing how good he is, and its been making me laugh how all the sports talking heads love him now, when before they were trashing him. I always felt bad for him overall. Hopefully him and Stidham will be the future Heirs for a while!

    Icier Reply

    I know

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

This was the preseason super bowl game to show who has the best bench.


    @Marco D never know until we find out.

    David Johnson Reply

    @salamipitza but there was a helmet catch, Brady is amazing, but the Giants have his number in the big game.

    JDusmcJD Reply

    Jacob lol you guys don’t have a good track record against our division buddy.

    c k Reply

    Nah. Pats are stacked. They have the tom brady of benches.

    Michael Barry Reply

    Jacob ha your still salty

Leonardo Bonilla Reply

Ohhhh ….. DT and the flash looking good… This offense is going to be deadly

    Nash Scheber Reply

    @WinterWeather DT Josh Gordon played most of the game and yall still lost. Even had Julian out there . Giants didnt even play no starting players except tate and that was only on jones drive

    jay Reply

    Nash Scheber umm but it was 29 to 10 at the half 🤔 why was that?

    Nash Scheber Reply

    @jay our 3rd string qb went 2-9 38 yards 1 td and 2 ints . He kept under throwing alonzo russell who couldve had 4 tds total if tanney wasnt so trash . He only td came off a 37 yard td to alonzo russell . The very next drive there was a PI on the defense that wasnt called even the announcers said it was a PI. If that didnt happen russell wouldve got another td . Next drive . Russell beat his man once again he was 4-5 yards beat a.d tanney under threw up so the DB caught up and he didnt catch it . If tanney didnt under throw him that wouldve been is 3rd touchdown by halftime . On both those would be touchdowns we didnt score and the nezt 2 drives tanney threw 2 back 2 back interceptions. At that point the patriots had 26 unasnwered points and the score was 10-29. After halftime the 4th string qb Kyle Lauetta came in misssed alonzo russell wide open a few times . It wasnt until after that drive we started coming back . We didnt even put our 1st and 2nd defense on the field once yesterday . Our defense was full of players who were trying to make the team . I know the patriots had there 3rds and 4ths on defense to because ive never seen a DB with a Quarterback number before 😂 .DT , Edlemam & Josh Gordon all played against our 3rd 4th string defense and killed us in the beginning of the game all the way till the 3rd quarter . If you guys didnt played your starting wide recievers most the game im sure the score wouldve been close by half time not a 19 point difference 😂 . Anyways it was a great game to watch for being the preseason finale and i enjoyed watching it . It went down to the very last second of the game and it was great . I did not expect to get that game winning td but a QB finally hit him wide open .

BerkGod Reply

as much as i hate the patriots, i’m happy to see josh gordon playing football again

    JB911 Reply

    but for how long

    Eric is a wisconsin guy Reply

    me too

    RELL RELL Reply

    BerkGod Agree 💯🤘🏽

    Ash Man Du Reply

    Just admit patriots are the superior team and start worshipping all Bostonians coz we rule you guys

The wrestling Figure channel Reply

I’m not even a pats fan (actually a bills fan so division rivals) and I’m happy to see Gordon

    Mike Splitt Reply

    @Bacon Le Skiiwalker Man i can tell those players do love playing for that team and that coach Sean Mcdermott

    Ian Jones Reply

    @jeff waiters get a life loser.

    Sal Va Reply

    no one cares theyre division rivals, they get merked anyway by the pats rofl

Asinine Gaming Reply

That delay of game tho

Octavio Rodríguez Reply

I know its preseason but c’mmon man, it not like you aren’t allowed to show excitement on the plays.

    imperialsnyc Reply

    @C Ramirez lmao bill runs a tight ship is an understatement

    Marco D Reply

    It’s ok, but don’t equate this to real season. You realize that 40 of the players on each team will be cut, so it does not mean much.

    Boo Radley Reply

    A rookie announcer might for a pre-season game.

    Toxix Bob Reply

    @bmpc1984 football is football dummy

    Sayer Williams Reply

    Cough! (*joe buck*) cough!

Eiade Elwekeil Reply

I’m hoping our season goes like this. So far so good but I don’t wanna jinx it

    V R Reply

    Eiade Elwekeil you just did

    NPC #6784590084 033 Reply

    I’m a Pat’s fan and was hoping they would lose tonight. Weird stat, not one team in NFL history has gone to a Superbowl if they win all their playoff games

    V R Reply

    NPC #6784590084 033 lol damn that’s deep

General Kenobi Reply

Happy to see Gordon and Thomas back playing football again

    grapas100 Reply

    @biggcnile1 – Dude, the Patriots are the CURRENT NFL Champions. Are you really trying to argue that?

    biggcnile1 Reply

    @grapas100 is THIS a New season or NO? Are YOU trying to argue THAT?

    grapas100 Reply

    @biggcnile1 – I’m not arguing that at all. Until a new champion is crowned, you’re stuck with the Patriots as NFL champions.

    biggcnile1 Reply

    @grapas100 so that person’s comment about living in the past was irrelevant correct?

    Alistair Gussman Reply

    Hello there

Jonatan Figueroa Reply

Love to see my boy DT getting some good action again. Even if it is with the pats

Ragnar Almighty Reply

This is one of the best receiving core brady has ever had

    123abc Reply

    And they still LOST. LOL!

    Ragnar Almighty Reply

    @123abc they lost in preseason but they won in superbowl

    123abc Reply

    @Ragnar Almighty Yes I know. It was a joke.

    washburn11000 Reply

    @david selawsky ya but our receivers look pretty Damn good..🤷

    michael shwartz Reply

    @lamont moss to be fair having one stud receiver meant he was double/triple teamed alot but now they have the tall stud, the old stud, and the fast stud, so they have to made decisions as to who to prioritize their coverage on

Akmal Wiraprana Reply

everyone : jumping and celebrating
bill belichick : all right, our ball.

    Joozee Reply

    classic belichik

Malcolm M Reply

Giants have 2 legit back ups in Kyle and Daniel

    joe Reply

    I think they have another.

    Da Sports Fan Reply

    joe they have Tanney but he was god awful today

    paul debaggis Reply

    jones will be very good

    KAli FA Reply

    I’d start Jones….Eli is done or maybe Eli can be the backup 🤔

    Aidan Reply

    We got 4 qbs

Noah Luna Reply

I know it’s pre season but damn the announcer sounds like he’s doing community service smh

    Dark Demonik Reply


    Not JG Reply

    @officer nasty No excuse, he’s an announcer. What’s the point in announcing if you are barely gonna react to when the away team makes a play.

    Anthony Hutchins Reply

    It’s the Patriots broadcast… Do people still not know that every team has a home broadcast? Lol

    Anthony Hutchins Reply

    Lol the home announcers job is to play towards the fans watching the broadcast. You think people in NY drove to Boston for the game to throw on the local channel?!

    Noah Luna Reply

    Dark Demonik damn I messed up that bad 🤣 thanks

Max Lucas Reply

Lauletta is still the most underrated qb from last year’s draft

    NRG Sports Reply

    He horrible dude should have picked off like 4 times yesterday

    dean o Reply

    Was that a white cornerback i saw on the giants number 9 omg

    SubjektProductions Reply

    Max Lucas he’s been pretty solid so far

    Zorack Reply

    And Daniel Jones is the best qb from this draft easily

    Arthas Menethil Reply

    Zorack rightt…

andrew seed Reply

Giants need to develop a winning mentality. Preseason or not they need this.

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