Giants vs. Jaguars Week 7 Game Preview | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants vs. Jaguars Week 7 Game Preview | New York Giants

Madelyn Burke and Paul Dottino preview the ' matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, presented by Socios.

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New York Giants

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John Silva


Eli Jordan

Let’s go boys! Make in 4 in a row!



Hall Batson

Let’s go giants

Amy McCarthy

6 comment LETS GO G-MEN

bruce lau

LET’S GO BIG BLUE !!!! let’s make it 4 in a row and make the NFL keep sleeping on us, i don’t know if we’re gonna make the playoffs again after 6 years but if we can take advantage of this easy schedule coming up, we have some winnable games to actually go 9-1

Amazing Guy

Let’s go Giants! 6-1!

Gaming With Sean

Giants fans let’s take over jaguars stadium and make it another home game !

    Dillon Is cool

    Hell yeah let’s do it

Ezekiel Israel

Establish saquon barkley VERY EARLY on in the game. Pass rush is a must, all the other teams get to Lawrence; so this is the Gmen’s time to shine, especially k Thibodeux, Lawrence, and big cat



Filippo Bonfiglioli


Freedom Ring

The o line has made great improvements in one year but they have plenty of room for more improvements. It took Thomas 3 years to be a stud at the LT position. I am gathering Neal will be the same. We still need help on the interior of that line, but for now the guys they have are serviceable. Lucky for the Giants, Jones is mobile.

    Michael Kimball

    We definitely need Gates back. Feliciano has been the major weak point on the line. Every time I see someone in the backfield from the defensive line, coming up the middle, Feliciano is chasing him.

isaiah avenger

Lets go GIANTS

Bishop DeDon

We need to get that run defense under control.

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