Giants vs. Cowboys Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Shane B. Reply

Dak looked amazing. Thank you Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna

    Mike Costa Reply

    @GP2626 I never he was a primetime champion but hes doing pretty damn good for a 4th round qb…

    Mike Costa Reply

    Which qbs are those ?

    GP2626 Reply

    @Mike Costa Eli Manning, Phil Simms, Kerry Collins, Y.A. Tittle.

    GP2626 Reply

    @Mike Costa We ain’t got many because all our draft picks are HOF’s

    Mike Costa Reply

    @GP2626 The giants didn’t even draft Collins you liar! Site your source

Thesmokeeffect Reply

Skip already at the Undisputed desk waiting on Shannon

    Darrion Hale Reply

    With his hands up like this 🤷🏾‍♂️ can you smell that W. How about them Cowboys and How about that Dak Prescott.

    alvin nelson Reply


    MrMhj26 Reply

    Thesmokeeffect 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    Shannon is an idiot if he picked the Giants to win this game.

    Renaldy Calixte Reply

    @Patrick Deckenbach Skip ain’t a Pats fan. I live in Boston. You can’t diss Belichik and survive a trip to Boston. It doesn’t matter how much u praise Brady.

B Burke Reply

The only one sweating on the Cowboys team tonight is Jerry Jones’ wallet

    Luis Rivera Reply

    That pocket change for Jerry Jones 200 millions this guy is a billion air

    Don Leon Reply

    @gritter781 Lol. I’d love to see the weekend one😀

    adkins free will!! !!! Reply

    That’s the dumbest comment i have ever read!!! All the money he makes no matter wat dumb as a box of rocks

    SCSA Reply

    Until they play Greenbay again….:)

    Tony B Reply

    JKT. $30 seems like a lot but after yesterday’s game, he deserves to be top 3 or 4 highest paid QB’s in the NFL. If he keeps playing like that, I’d say give him the $30! Go Cowboys!

PhonZy Reply

Dallas’s new offensive coordinator did a good job not running the ball with Zeke every play. He trusted Dak and he delivered

    Tony B Reply

    Anno. So is M. Gallup. 2nd year and he’s turning into a beast. Let’s not leave out R. Cobb. What a great acquisition to our team. Go Boys!!!!


    Guillermo Gomez All I know is that we have a suitable backup RB (Pollard from Memphis) that is good enough to allow Zeke to take less carries and heal up by the time we make the mid-late season playoff push. We CANNOT afford to lose Zeke late in the season or else the playoffs are a lost cause.

    Abel Rendon Reply

    4TH 19TH against a pro NFL team that could win any of their games any given week. Y’all acting like these dudes don’t get paid millions by billionaires to play the game. Everything that the giants had to account for will be the same exact problems the rest of the league will face against the Dallas offense. Either stop Zeke and get owned in the passing game or drop back in coverage and get destroyed by Zeke and his oline. Pick your poison

    JacquesAnthonyMusicTV Reply

    @Latin Ace yes he most definitely is. That dude got speed, its great to see him and Dak on the same page

    Brandon Ohara Reply

    Not a Dallas fan at all but I’m finally sold on them this season.💯

DJ Ran Love Reply

The Giants’ secondary played like SH*T😡!

    kev m Reply

    Haha haha!! So mad!! How you like dak attack?? Spread the ball around and run it himself. Can’t stop him.

    Sal Asanoski Reply

    Giants secondary was playing too close for the run not knowing they were passing and the are young at their positions gonna take time

    Chris Hickman Reply

    Yusuf Bey Practice Squad DB’s whole secondary was injured👎🏾

    shedd45 Reply

    Giant’s have no pass rush ethier.

Tony Rivera Reply

How many Cowboy fans watching these highlights more than once??

    Levon Tyler Reply


    Tony Williams Reply

    Like my 8th time today

    Franco Baldo Reply

    Yea this is a rare video for you cowboy fans 😂😂

    兔小白 Reply


    Wes_hopwizard Reply

    Can’t believe what I’m seeing after the past few years.

Bossk 619 Reply

I love seeing Witten back out on the field doing what he does best

    Freedom Guru Reply

    I couldn’t stop smiling when he made his first comeback TD.

Ken Machek Reply

Excellent play-calling by the Cowboys Offensive Staff.

    Anita Wong Reply


    Sammy Villena Reply

    Is that the QB from Boise St???

    Rich Ə Wrych Reply

    Ken Machek … i

    s this YOUR attempt to DENY Dak the credit he,deserves?

    war2theren Reply

    @Ajfergy small town nobody? Moore is the winningest CFB of all time

    Ajfergy Reply

    @war2theren Yeah college football is after he left the small town….

Joshua Branson Reply

Scott linhan was a major problem for this team THANK YOU GOD THAT SCRUB IS GONE

    Joshua Branson Reply

    @MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6 Can you say that with any kind of certainty?? NO

    Joshua Branson Reply

    @Luke not even close to being true

    Luke Reply

    Joshua Branson that is verrry true you really just don’t know enough about coaches. The same thing happened with Tyrann Lue of the Cavaliers. He barely knew what he was doing and was just trying to be the players’ friend. LeBron James ended up having maybe his best season in his career, so the Cavs went far; but LeBrons known to make bad coaches look good. It’s just how it goes.

    Marsonis2ya Reply

    I’ve heard Jerry has already promised the job to the Sooners coach Lincoln Riley

    JacquesAnthonyMusicTV Reply

    @James Jenkins you know like i know Jerry will pay Kellen like an AC instead Of OC, if that happens and he takes us to a SB and Kellen is under contract for the next 2 or 3 years if im correct, so he could be next in Dallas, you never know. Ill just let this season play out 1st. Ill be the 1st to say im liking what he has created offensively so far. That Dak to Cooper touchdown was a play straight out of the Boise State playbook. Our offense was long over due for an upgrade

CptTimRice Reply

Welcome back Jason freakin Witten!! Also packers, thanks for Randall Cobb

    trillcity922ify Reply

    Sheikh Ahmed Yassin88 he got in that endzone stop hatin u crab

    Chris Mason Reply

    Like a Fine Wine!

    Brobs Reply

    Sheikh Ahmed Yassin88 written probably the best blocking tight end in the league

    Jake State Reply

    Sheikh Ahmed Yassin88 go choke on your 8th burger

Leo Dunson Reply

Prescot played for a contract this game, I’m now sold pay the man

    Zach Ramey Reply

    Still a lot of poorly thrown balls

    DeJay Meyer Reply

    Please! Just to keep that garbage QB on the Cowboys! He only played the Giants LMAO! That win was NOTHING to brag about lol

    Chris Delgado Reply

    Vs the worst defense in the league. Giants easily the 2nd most terrible team besides the dolphins.


    He was a great player at Mississippi State as well.


    I may be wrong but it seemed like New York was keying on Zeke the whole game, but in obvious passing downs they blitzed with Dak throwing to a player in the area who blitzed leaving the receivers wide open several times. But Dallas gave up way too many yards in the air and on the ground.

NK Maze Reply

Cowboys are on steroids Wow what a game, watching from UK.

    Chris Mason Reply

    Melo Bryant they all looked tough, so how bout them Cowboys on your TV?

    SpongeBob NiggaPants Reply

    NK Maze If you’re a cowboys fans glad to know we have cowboys nation all over the world

    TTA' Gh0sT! Reply

    Melo Bryant I’m a saints fan and no one said anything about the Super Bowl the fact that u came to a positive video to hate shows that u are delusional and has no life unless u are a giants fan

    Layth Reply

    @Rodrigo Moura no one abbreviates Ukraine with UK

    Chris Nelson Reply

    do not think for one second that they are going to have a great season because of this it is the first game of the season and they are playing ny

Salamence778 Reply

Welcome back Jason ‘I like you more on the field than in the booth’ Witten.

Freddie Shanks Reply

Chidobe Awuzie has got some wheels to run down Barkley like that!

    James Nichols Reply

    No kidding. He turned on the burners , yeah he had an angle but he caught him like he was standing still.

Double A Reply

Cowboys won big. Steelers lost big. R.I.P Stephen Anita Smith.

    David Rosales Reply

    Totally Agree Hate Stephen A he.s an idiot big mouth Cowboy Hater

    Jaime Argudo Reply

    Stephan A ruins ESPN for me.

    Jek Lee Reply

    Hey, SAS has been behaving well..😆😆😆

Z Nation Reply

This Cowboys team lookin better than the 2016 one❗️

    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6 Reply

    Cowboys defense still suspect tho the Giants had over 500 total yards of offense

    Cee Moe Reply

    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6 ehhh they were without Byron Jones(for most of the game) and Robert Quinn. D-Law and Tyrone didn’t play in the preseason. They will all get back up to speed. Plus a lot of the Giants yards came in garbage time too

    james mullins Reply

    I agree

    shedd45 Reply

    They played the Giant’s.

Let There Be Truth Reply

Dak is playing like a man who wants a 150 million dollar deal from jones 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Pi Day Rocks Reply

    … against one of the worst defenses in football with receivers so wide open downfield that they might as well take a quick nap after catching the ball to refuel.

    ReggaeEli Reply

    @Pi Day Rocks lololllllllllllllllllllllll

Anthony Bergnes Reply

Saquan Barkley is the funnest player to watch in the entire NFL

    jomarc corpuz Reply

    They’ll waste him like Odell

    Julian Myers Reply

    jomarc corpuz how’s they do with Odell still trash

    Vestra Reply

    jomarc corpuz Thats what Im scared of

    shedd45 Reply

    Julian Myers same thing with Barkly.

Frank Bombaci Reply

Stephen A. Smith: “Cowboys didn’t ‘win’ the game, the Giants ‘lost’ it.

He’ll say something like that 🙄

    Silent 1 Reply

    He says that every game

Samuel I Reply

I’d like to thank the Packers for not wanting Randall Cobb any longer.
He’s very welcome on this Cowboy team !!
WOW!! Wants the ball.. and digs after contact.

    Oxnate Reply

    Yeah, he never got that open when he played for the Packers.

    DidYaHurd Reply

    Good luck keeping that man healthy

    Honor Emeritus Reply

    Quit shittin on the convo

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