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Magicstockton Reply

The Giants have to fix that Offensive Line. They have to protect DJ better.

    Jaja C Reply

    Magicstockton we talking bout the line but not the defense

    Magicstockton Reply

    Jaja C No, I definitely agree with that. Mike Evans was looking like Prime Moss out there.

    Jaja C Reply

    Rip jonaris Jenkins

Sentinel creed Reply

Jameis played a great game, Arians is doing a good job imo

    Resean Cruz Reply

    @Mike lmfao yea that’s it!

    The Vanilla Godzilla Reply

    B.A. is a winner. He had to fake retirement to get out of that excuse for an organization’s contract. #AZ

    Jason Howell Reply

    Too many int’s as long as Winston is your QB bucs will NEVER be elite anything!

    OFCLTrapStar Reply

    He has flashes in games but he never really plays a complete game to me he’s gonna f up some kinda way every game and I think it has rubbed off on others

    Mako Moss Reply

    Sentinel creed his receivers carried him like always, nothing unusual

Don daddy dollaz Jr. Reply

Omg for Christ sake it’s been like college football for the bucs field goals for too many years now. It’s time to make a decent trade for a good kicker smh 😂😂😂😂 but both quarterbacks great game.

    Anonymous Guy Reply

    They’re used to wide right and wide lefts in that state. Ask FSU and Miami. 😂😂😭😭

Marques Smith Reply

Daniel Jones actually looked pretty good this game.. Congrats giants fans

    Maurice King Reply

    He didn’t look good he looked amazing

    WSSH SHOP Reply

    04:19 bucs football

    Ian Malcolm Reply

    Against the Buccaneers

    Matt Dokho Reply

    @Army Boi Yet lost to the lions 😅

    Christopher Miller Reply

    Well, as a Dallas fan, we can move our attention to our rivalry with the giants. Wentz ain’t better than Jones. It’s the Dak vs Jones era now. David Cutcliffe’s greatest protege ever, a freaking mobile Manning. He’s basically a better version of Dak. But is he as clutch as Dak? That’s the question. Again, I think we have to worry about the giants now, more than the eagles.

Blostin Reply

OBJ… what you could have become partnering with Daniel Jones! Pity!

    ApparentlyEric Reply

    Blostin possibly, but the giants probably feared him dividing the locker room. He’s a weird dude. Super talented tho.

pauldew62 Reply

Winston is a good qb they finally have solid people around him and he gets let down by trash special teams

Diego E Reply

Good game by my giants but our defense still needs to improve

    Robert da Rosa Reply

    AgentRuckus also jenkins is getting old and had no safety help

    Robert da Rosa Reply

    Diego E yeah, ima giants fan, and the secondary is god awful, but the pass rush played considerably well this game. They sacked Winston like 4 times

    Grinder _1045_ Reply

    In the worse way possible….

    Alay Galvankar Reply

    And ur o line

    Original name with originality Reply

    Giants have a decent offense but the defense wins games sadly we need a better defense

Marcos Mercedes Nuñez Reply

Those kickers in Tampa are always trash, is unbelievable how bad they are 😂

    Am Reply

    He’s gay chill

    Scott McMan Reply

    @MyFamiliar – Those weren’t game winners. The guy choked.

    Ericc_E_123 Reply

    @DeShonn B. Lmao shut up.

    BigblueD Reply

    Could be worse. They could be a Bears kicker 😂

    Christian Soper Reply

    Ya this one is pretty gay.

Real One Reply

Happy for jones he looking good out there the giants gonna do good with him (Cowboys Fan)

Malcomis Malcolm Reply

Damn, just walked in the endzone on 4th down, glad I’m not a Bucs fan😁

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

    I’m glad

    Tayo39 Reply

    it has to do with the respect Jones earned with his arm throughout the game, even though he was also beastin with his legs….kid got tons of potential

carltonjohnsonesl Reply

This one game for sure u can place all the blame on the kicker 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Trevin Barton Reply

    carltonjohnsonesl nah we blame our defense for letting a rookie qb score two rushing tds

    Stevel024 Reply

    He made 4 FG though…

    Jay Tuhduh Rome Reply

    Honestly Winston under-threw Evans he should have 4 TDs

    Eric Counsel Reply

    Don’t put yourself in a position to rely on a last second field goal to win.

    Alay Galvankar Reply

    He missed like 4 kicks total out of 5 or 6

Dylan Pollock Reply

I’m ready to watch this Daniel Jones kid play an NFL team

    BigblueD Reply

    CTC big talk considering y’all looked anemic against the worst NFL team in a decade.
    I’m calling it now.Giants 28-Dallas 24

    BigblueD Reply

    R B you didn’t whoop us. Had Shurmur given the ball to Barkley Inside the 10 on short yardage, or rather, fed him the ball period as y’all couldn’t stop him when he did get the ball…..well….two scores is hardly a beat down, and Eli’s stats showed we moved the ball kn you easily. You thank Shurmur for your free win though.

    Anthony Geiger Reply

    R B Dallas will crumble in the 2nd half of the season like they always do

João Vitor Reply

Few years now watching giants play, never saw a worst defense

    Colin Stapleton Reply


    Leonardo Lugo Reply

    João Vitor same

CookieMi8 Reply

Janoris Jenkins was probably relieved af after the missed field goal 😂

    air assault 11 Reply

    He was getting burnt the entire game!!! 😂

    JustCrocs Yt Reply


James F Reply

There was more Giants fans in the crowd than Bucs. It was like a home for real.

    Anonymous Guy Reply

    @justfetus Naw that’s just not old people. This isn’t the 70’s. Florida is flooded with New Yorkers. I know because I interact with them everyday.

    Connor Lamia Reply

    My section right behind the giants bench had like 2 Bucs fans

    Pretty Thug Reply

    every year lmao … when you move to florida, you keep your home team cause the bucs always know how to eff it up

    John Doe Reply

    They should move the bucs to Orlando

    Richard Belman Reply

    Everyone takes over there house look at the niners game 😂

joeg1988 Reply

Thrilling game. Sounded like it was in Jersey there were that many Giants fans there.

    Juice Reply

    joeg1988 I turned it off at half time thinking it was over 28-10. Didn’t think Daniel Jones would do nothing 😂

Sports Fan_91 Reply

This commentator is easily one of the more underrtaed ones. Love his calls especially for big plays.

    Jason W Sands Reply

    Kenny Albert

    Snake Eyes Reply

    Kenny Albert. He announces every pro sport except for the NBA.

    derek zumba Reply

    Snake Eyes he does knicks games on the MSG channel love his commentary

Scottacus Smith Reply

How many Giants fans was in that place holy cow!

    Matt Mesgleski Reply

    Shindler39 Tampa is the “Deep South” LMAOOO

    ApparentlyEric Reply

    They travel really well.

    ElderFlame Reply

    Florida is the 6th Borough of New York

    Anonymous Guy Reply

    @ElderFlame Yes siiir!!!

Pharoah Monk Reply

That was one helluva game!
Already a classic…

Tango Bango Reply

I was impressed by Winston for the Buc’s but I gotta’ hand it to young Jones for the Giants. He was awesome in his first NFL start.

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