Giants vs. Bills Super Bowl XXV Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Thanks for replaying my nightmares

    Matthew's Gaming

    Why are u a bills fan


    Matthew’s Gaming because I live in Buffalo

    Matthew's Gaming

    @TheOmiester oh ok


Let’s Go Giants

Jayden dawkins

My favorite team is the Giants and everyday all day🔥🔥🔥🔵🔴

Giants Pride

Repeat this on Sunday please.


I remember this that was smash mouth football all out…yes our 2nd Superbowl win..Juan bx n.y.

Camden Whaley



Giants all day,

Godly gamers 14

Why did we let go of belichek


Let’s giow our defense can help us beat the Bills. #GiantsPride


The was undoubtedly my FAVORITE Giants Superbowl….. even more so than Superbowl 42 vs the Patriots. This SB was filled with high drama and suspense…..I’ll never forget Scott Norwood lining up for the last field goal with 3 sec left and I emphatically told my Mom being superstitious at the time to “GET OUT OF THE ROOM!!!!” and that’s why the Giants won and Scott Norwood missed the kick…. lol😂😂 Either way… the GREATEST game I’ve ever seen live.

Charles Martel

How bout those 1927 Yankees? ANCIENT HISTORY!

Ian Huyett

If we lose to the bills I’m done watching football.


Let’s go we can win this

Michael Caywood

I hope 🤞 The New York Giants loses this year & every year for life. Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! WIN! WIN! WIN!


LT & Mark Bavaro! My two favorite players from my favorite Giants Super Bowl! Memmmmories!

Macky Mode

A Giants era where even backup QB had savage balls

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