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My GIANT’S are being coached badly this group dosent have a chance. The Marra’s & TISH family’s should be embarrassed about this. 5 year’s of 0-2 not acceptable at all.its a shame that Everyone blames Eli.he gave us his ALL in…like vic….Juan bx n.y.

Dman Entertament

Bring Victor Cruz and Antre rolle back and see if they can help us at this point


For all of Eli’s assets, he can’t extend plays. We’re in trouble.

    RD2 4

    Yes all of his assets..I am thinking you may be blindπŸ˜‚


    @RD2 4 C’mon, you can’t kill the guy. He diagnoses blocking schemes, usually makes the correct read, and his arm, at this point, is still in good shape. What he can’t do is move out of the pocket, and in today’s NFL, that’s a must, especially if you don’t have a great line. If our defense was a little bit better, his foibles wouldn’t be as exposed. This lack of mobility, coupled with his inaccuracy issues, creates problems.

    Jouc12 _

    What assets? He doesn’t have any.


We need Jones to save the season right now

    vince kelly

    We need a better coach/gm
    Shurmer isn’t getting it done
    The gm isn’t getting him the talent they need


    The Giants are a 3-6 win team regardless. The team sucks!


    @GiantsSuckBUTGO The Secondary is fine, Landon Collins was the problem and now he’s gone. Our coverage looks good!

    vince kelly

    @TruBlue82 I don’t even see 3 wins


    @vince kelly I don’t either, I was being optimistic.


The defensive coaching is TERRIBLE. The Giants had a rush… Papa, is completely wrong. Did he watch the game? It had not too much to do with the pass rush. what I’m seeing is, BAD COACHING. Blown coverage. A good % of Bills TDs and 1st down were either BLOWN coverages or not getting TOUCHED running through our secondary. I haven’t seen these many blown coverages in a long time. Too many WIDE OPEN catches and runs. Is it too early to say, FIRE JAMES BETTCHER…????

    RD2 4

    The DC is trash doesn’t change his scheme at all to adjust to what the Offense is doing against it they should fire him mid game


    @RD2 4 absolutely correct. The players don’t even buy into what he wants to do.

    Erik Hess

    Good thing Gettleman traded up for CB DeAndre Baker πŸ˜› getting toasted by Cole Beasley left and right man do we suck.

Jesse Javier

Antrell speaking nothing but facts

Benito Diaz

Season was over before it started.


Defense was just trash, what happened to the defense we had back in 2016?
Bring Spags back.

Christopher Manno

Eli is observably not the problem. The problem is coaching.


    He’s also observably not the solution. The problem is coaches believing the qb is somehow an asset.

Kevin W.

We need passrushers! The secondary is not the issue. But as Jenkins said: No player in the NFL can guard an offensive player for 10 seconds straight. Sure, you can guard him for a few seconds but those QBs playing against the Giants have DAYS to throw the football, and the WRs have DAYS to adjust their routes and get open. FIX THE PASS RUSH IN THE OFF-SEASON. DRAFT CHASE YOUNG.

Jouc12 _

Receivers get open, but Eli doesn’t find them. That’s something that cannot be seen in the stats and dummies don’t take that in mind.

Ian Huyett

Daniel Jones


    Yeah that should work, We’ll win 5 games instead of 4.

Athens_1 PSVR

The reason for defenders are always stitched to our WRs is due to a QB starring at targets, no pump fakes or manipulating the defense, and the ball flops through the air. Inaccurate passes like missing a diving WR busy 3 ft or hit Barkley in the butt 2 weeks in a row. Eli said 1 bad pass. πŸ˜‚ So self unaware for years.


    We have no legit talent at WR, Our TE is our best WR.

Big Billy Willy



    exactly, i can’t bare to watch Eli anymore, dude’s a legend but its depressing to watch now

Elijah Albea

You remember the movie Boomerang with Eddie Murphy? David Allan Grier said at that moment of orgasm, all the romance just skeets right out you… SKEET. That’s the life of the Giants offense when their team is on defense, or get a penalty, or drop a pass, or make a mistake. When Fowler dropped that pass… SKEET… Buffalo was getting the ball back at the half. Rosas misses field goal… SKEET. The defense can’t get off the field… SKEET. Eli’s pass is tipped and intercepted… SKEET. I’m a Giants fan, and I don’t believe that they’re gonna beat the Buccaneers… I hope they do, but the D is just that bad. No changes is gonna happen overnight. They need a lot of help on D, and on offense.

Alex Gajovich Protich

Tbh I’m one of the ppl that wants to keep Bettcher. Its not this fault. He had top 10 defenses in Arizona because he had talent. Here he has misfits as personnel.

    Dominican 1844

    The nfc west wasn’t that good at the time. Just Seattle was good


Hire Antrel to coach the secondary for the Giants.


    The secondary looks great, Landon Collins was the problem and now he’s gone.


Guy’s relax Gettleman made culture changes, Odell & Landon Collins were the problem and they’re gone. We’ll be fine and will great season, trust the process! πŸ˜‰ Get excited Giants Fans Gettleman & Shurmer know what they’re doing!

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