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Rodney Dangerfield

not sold on defense, but I’m excited

    Bamz Santana

    Dwayne wade if he didn’t miss third down catches and td maybe he’d help his team win and give his defense some rest against Aaron Rodgers

    Kermit The Frog

    House of Mods210 cause everyone likes hearing “and there goes odell on the sideline again, boy, he does NOT look happy”

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39

    House of Mods210 we did fine last year 😂😂 Saquon had a breakout year so 🤷🏼‍♂️ and one WR doesn’t make a offense

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39

    Dwayne wade yet he dropped like 7 balls 😂😂😂

Too Easy

Not worried about our offense, more so worried about our defense


    2015 all over again

    Charles Washington

    Too Easy you should be. The giants barely get to 20 points a game with OBJ

    Lebron James

    Charles Washington Lol 40 against Redskins, 36 against Dallas, 27 vs Indy all without OBJ. The defense have ben ranked below 25 the last 4-5 years besides 2016 that’s what caused losing seasons. Saquon is the new OBJ of the offense lol nobody is worried about the offense. It’s defense or nothing


    Charles Washington they aren’t playing like last years Giants


    @Charles Washington The giants scored the most points in the nfc east last season

Mo Pie

00:37 Look at that speed on Eli! He was really committed with that Block lol

    bigdog 12230

    @pinky YT yeah but play was a run so there would have been no way to scramble

    Da Sports Fan

    Lol he blocks better than Erick Flowers ever did

    Dewnyne King

    @Da Sports Fan lol


    @Shad Ruth you really believe they WOULDNT “crush him” NOW if they had the chance?


    Gallman looked SLOW AF on that play. Eli looked to have MORE acceleration than he did!

Luke Betanocurt

Daniel Jones proving the haters wrong, if kyler and Haskins were playing like this everyone would b going nuts. I’m excited for this man 83% completion percentage throughout the first three games 🤑

    IsmokeHiphop Live

    his second game he was trash……looks like you Jones fans boys only speak up when he does kind of ok right????


    Bengals? Preason? Ok buddy

    Dark Simmie

    @IsmokeHiphop Live I don’t know what game you were watching, but he threw the ball well. Yeah, He had two fumbles, but that’s why they practice and have preseason games to work that stuff out.


    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Cant get OROY if you’re not playing…

    GodOfSouls65 FallOut39

    Luke Betanocurt imagine how good he could be playing with slayton and Evan engrams and saquon and Shepard 💀


I hope the Giants can do this good in the regular season

    Joseph Scaduto

    ChidoriSnake To be fair, Eli had one of his best statistical seasons last year and didn’t JUST make short TE throws. He actually had time to throw down the field more


    @Joseph Scaduto While this is true, his age is still showing. And with a collapsing pocket almost every other down, I can’t trust the Manning can make good enough decisions under pressure. Stats are great and all, but the Giants’ bottom line should be to win games and to bring home another Lombardi. The simple fact is we are not winning with Eli. We changed the RB, changed the O-line, changed the defense, changed the receiving corps. If we still keep losing games, there’s no one else left to blame but Eli.


    @Evander Holyfield I’m not knocking Manning’s contributions, and he is a HOF QB, hands down. However, HOF players know when to halt their career before their legacy gets marred. As I said before, we’re not winning with Eli at the moment, and yes, Daniel Jones is a rookie, but he’s also everything that Manning hasn’t been. He knows how to scramble when the pocket is collapsing, he can make those deep throws under pressure, he can inspire a whole offense to go and play for him. I love Eli and I thank him for the two rings he gave us, but I’m calling it right now, the Manning era ends this year.

    Joseph Scaduto

    ChidoriSnake Right. We changed everything else and because of that Eli started to improve despite being 37 and the team went 4-4 in the second half and kept most of those 4 losses close games

    michael johnson

    CTC lamfo well see You can’t stop saquon

pinky YT

The giants season will be looking good since we have a suitable offense who can play decent.
I can’t wait for our giants season.

    Nate Fausz

    Good offense wins games. Good defense wins championships


    Giants 4-12 this season.

    Darrion Hale

    Lmao until they play against the Cowboys and Eagles

    pinky YT

    Yeah yeah, cowboys angry eagles won’t even do anything this season, even if they get in the wild card they won’t win the wild card, they will get crushed by… say the colts or the ravens, see, the eagles kind of well, suck, we won’t be winning another sb until Carson Wentz retires. And then the qb after Carson actually gets good at what he’s looking forward to, which it’s being clutch and making the playoffs, the eagles even lost their defense, so you shouldn’t be thinking about the wild card win for your team until a decade or so.

    pinky YT

    @Nate Fausz We have jack rabbit and Collins, and Alec ogletree, it’s proof that our defense isn’t the worst.

Josh Penney

I think damion Willis just made the team tonight and boy can dolegala throw a fade route or what

    Horror Gaming

    Rodney Anderson and a couple other people on offense should as well we have a couple other good wide receivers that should stay

    Sean McDonough

    @Horror Gaming anderson was sick


    Dolegala has incredible touch on those passes

Gods Son

Yo the Jones kid is putting the ball in good spots for his recievers

    Kennon Boone

    Eli looked sharper!💪

* Nandan

Even though its preseason, this was a great game to watch

Isaiah Davis

That Boi Anderson is good

    Lark Sauce


    Donovan asher

    Bruh frfr he was dragging linebackers with his shoe

Billy Boy

So we’re just not gonna talk about Eli blocking better than their whole line

    Jake Sanservino


drsamw pepper

Ryan Finley>Jay Cutler

    Smokin Jay Cutler

    Yo wtf bro, what did I ever do to you


    Wolves>Man U

    Christian Adjevi

    Everton> Man United

    drsamw pepper

    @Christian Adjevi still salty about that 4-0 asswhooping?

    drsamw pepper

    @Christian Adjevi Norwich>Chelsea


Did anyone see eli roll out for that block?! He seriously got new legs..😂also he was bombing the ball


    Johnny Clint – if you actually watch the giants games which im assuming you dont we can still score eli gets a 4th quarter lead and our defense is the worst in the league.. eli can still contend , he might not be bradys level but hes not dead and buried like the media wants to portray

    Johnny Clint

    @Snoice He’s a veteran with 2 rings… He’s not dead, but buried is debatable. Everything Gettleman has done is because Eli is aging out. Yes, the Pats’ SB losses sucked at the time, but their SB wins more than make up for it. You can try to put me on blast, but it sounds like you’re butthurt over your own team’s situation. I give Eli his credit, but that credit is years old, now. Honestly, I’m not hating… I just think the Giants are now in a 3 year rebuild. How many wins do you give them, if Eli is starting??


    Johnny Clint – realistically i think they could get 9 or 10 if you look at their schedule its pretty easy on the front end. Honestly i think its more about our defense not being terrible. If jones sees the field this year it was a failed year. It will be eli’s last year either way i hope he can go out respectfully with a decent year. Its hard to compare to the pats obviously the greatest team to ever do it… i just feel eli is not as bad as everyone is saying

    Johnny Clint

    @Snoice It’s Saquon’s year, imo… regardless of starting QB. I give them 8 wins with Eli, but you never know. I give them ? wins with Jones, because nobody knows.😆 Eli will retire with pride, either way. His peak was short, but impressive. His career numbers are solid. I would say the playoffs are a long shot, all things considered.

    Johnny Clint

    @Snoice I was actually hoping the Giants signed Wilson, while all the crazy contract BS was happening.

S McDonald

Hopefully this preseason success will transition to the regular season

Niall The Man

Giants played a good game accept bad defensive play and too many penalties on the offensive line Will Hernandez had three penalties against him a face mask,false start, and holding. Feels Good to Win hope we win games in the regular season.


    Sorry but the giants are going to suck even worse this season, 1-15 if the ball bounces their way favorably.

    Marjorie Simmonds

    @goodbadk No way…they are better than last year!!


    Niall The Man except*

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos

Hope Daniel Jones proves everyone wrong and will be a super star.

    LIONEL Vialet

    I hope so too…

    ThatOneGuy 123

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos can’t wait for another epic Bucs game. Y’all killed our defense last season but we managed to slip by.

    Jack DelSanto

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos I’ve been saying the same thing to all my family and friends

    Jack DelSanto

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos you and me both


    Yep. All he did was get drafted and half the football world trashed him for it. He can use that as motivation for the rest of his career. Looks like he’ll be solid. 👍🏻

isaiah horstman

Every one goes crazy about Daniel Jones and know one even care about bengals rookie Ryan Finley


    Ryan Finley >>> All Rookie QB’s

    Alan Hill

    Dolegala looked better than Finley.

    chris madsen

    It’s New York

    Nintendad Gaming

    @Ian Jones Only NY cares about the Giants. NY just happens to be a bigger city than Cincinnati.

Pete Wilson

I think the Bengals are going to surprise some people.

    Young Ghost

    Pete Wilson by being 0-16 will be shocking

    eat a chicken wing

    Young Ghost Lml that’s not shocking them going 5-11 will be shocking cuz how can they even win

    Branson Gonsalves

    eat a chicken wing whats your team? Bengals were plagued with injuries last season

    Nintendad Gaming

    @Branson Gonsalves *crickets*

Triple D III

Giants roster actually has some talent everyone says they suck because they don’t have a ton of superstars


So nobody is going to talk about this undrafted rookie throwing dimes ?

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