Giants Training Camp Practice Highlights: Special Look at Quarterbacks | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants Training Camp Practice Highlights: Special Look at Quarterbacks | New York Giants

In today's Inside Look presented by Quest Diagnostics, Paul Dottino and Jeff Feagles take you inside Training Camp for a special look at the quarterbacks.

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New York Giants Reply

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Michael Caywood Reply

First dislike of The New York Giants video. YES! YES! YES!

Balladz Cruize Reply

Did you see Alex Bachman move at 15:13

    Black Mafia Reply

    That was nasty 😷

Celyn Wardle Reply

So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

Habib Anwar Reply

The more I see of Alex Bachman, the more I like him!

Haydn Larsen Reply

2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Go Giants4 Reply

    Haydn Larsen don’t we all 🤩

Guapo Capo Reply

Nice cleats DJ

Hussain Hafid Reply

Jeff Feagles is looking a lot like Coach Coughlin.

    avrohom cohen Reply


    Ray W Reply

    Let’s see how he looks in Lambeau…

Isaiah Jones Reply

Austin Mack is looking nice

Charlie Bell Reply

3:20 Why are the coaches only tapping the ball in the QB drills? Pass rushers use a tomahawk chop.

    KC Smooth Reply

    I was thinking the same. Lightly poking isn’t simulating anything. They need to get way more aggressive when poking at the balls during that drill.

    Daniel Silecchia Reply

    I don’t think they want to risk injuring Daniel Jones’ hand or something

    Christopher James Reply

    Could be a teaching technique: give them a tap ‘signal’ to remember ball control, along with other mental processing of the play, but save the heavier hits for when the thinking becomes automatic.

    blue99 Reply

    It’s about reminding the qb to defend the ball during movement so they think it while they move in the pocket. Not nessarily to actually hold on to the ball.

KC Smooth Reply

Is that the LB TJ Brunson #35 in pass coverage AT 15:20 ? If so that was a spectacular play from a Linebacker

    Delroy Nichols Reply

    KC Smooth That’s Corey Ballentine, #25

Juan S Reply

Paul turned into a weatherman this offseason with all this weather talk lately

Keahawn Thomas Reply

Can’t wait till it’s my time to play in the NFL

    Ray W Reply

    Get u some…

    First Last Reply

    With the giants I hope

    First Last Reply

    Wherever you are drafted, play for us. Will be looking

Ray W Reply

Giants haven’t had a mobile QB since Fran Tarkenton

dagoods528 Reply

Lots of guys “had a cup of coffee” with other teams. lol.

Zion Pearson Reply

I like the interviewing and all but I feel that they’re not showing enough of the team. We want to see and hear what’s happening on the field instead of these interviews

blazinpyromaniac Reply

Jones looking real fluid with his footwork

    Rafael George Reply

    and hes way more explosive love to see it 👀

    Jonny V Reply

    You can see the difference between him and the other 3 QBs too. He’s so much more athletic


We have a QB that looks like a REAL MADDEN QB!! Tall ,Athletic ,smart and pretty handsome! Lol
Plus it looks like he’d ready to take that leadership role! I just hope that our OLINE can take that next step in progression. Lets go GMEEEEN!!

Jonny V Reply

DJ rockin the blue kicks.

Michael Ryan Reply

Daniel seems a lot quicker than Eli was for sure…

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