Giants GOLDEN TD off Forced Fumble

Markus Golden goes for gold and recovers the fumble for the TD! The New York Giants take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Kevin Garcia Reply

What a play

Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager Reply

Going against brady so this was big

Dirty Randy Reply

The Giants are gonna lose this game, but that was one hell of a play!!

    mykal van horne Reply

    @Charlie G alright kiddo.

    Vino Reply

    Giants won!!!!!

    1990Thunderbolt Reply

    @Vino lmfao

    Charlie G Reply

    mykal van horne Not a kid

    Jared Reply

quachemo187 Reply

Both teams could learn how to block. The Giants are lucky he was a playmaker.

charles allen Reply

that was some good effort at the end

Titan Master Race Reply

Patriots defense on fire tonight but wow jones throwing them picks.

Luke Barredo Reply

Is Gordon okay?? 😳

    Pat Riots#12 Reply

    Luke Barredo she is injory legs she cant play now

    Johannes Wagner Reply

    Pat Riots#12 are you stupid?

Kareem Courtney Reply

Did anyone pay attention to gordon leg tho

    Gabphin 136 Reply

    No lol he’s fine

Matthew A. Reply

Really impressed by Golden’s ability to stay up to make the TD

DEAdShoT M&M Reply

Thank you for the vid I asked for it and it happened

Sean Hendrick Reply

He did that HIMSELF. Strong lack of blocking help from his teammates.


Is Gordon fast or is it his stride?

AGtheKING Reply

They might as well start the Patriots out 6-0 every single year. The Bills are playing this year, but how long will that last, and the Jets and Dolphins always suck.

nick aguirre Reply

Nice effort!

Andrew Zavala Reply

Move saquon to 2nd strong #44 the real running back🤣🤣

• kawaii kàt • Reply


Max Mustermann Reply

You could say that was a GOLDEN moment

Trenton Kaeding Reply

How did he stay up at the end? But that was a good play for sure.

Jmpk23 Reply

What a play! Let’s go

Thebigbad Wolf Reply

Surprised there wasn’t no “flag”

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