Giants Draft WR Kadarius Toney: Analysis & Interviews | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants Draft WR Kadarius Toney: Analysis & Interviews | New York Giants

Bob Papa and Super Bowl Champions Shaun O'Hara and Carl Banks react to the Giants' first-round selection of Florida Gators wide receiver Kadarius Toney, presented by Van Heusen.

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    Jeffrey Abbey



After the pick was announced, I tried to jump out of my chair In excitement but my ankles were already broken 💀

    D P

    @masterdebater421 yea that’s the hope. I dunno if this Toney dude is more of a gadget guy / decoy to keep the defense more honest. Jones doesn’t have the skill to make all those guys weapons. What good is a bullet without a gun to shoot it with? If Jones doesn’t take a huge next step I say dump him and use one of our 2 first rounders on a new QB.


    @D P you’re way wrong about DJ. He’s gonna show ya. This adds a guy that can stand in the wide backfield and catch a pass .5seconds after the snap and shimmy to the first down. That itself will take pressure off DJ before we even use these next picks to boost our line. Don’t forget, DJ is a top 3 deep passer, even last season, and he only needs a little time.

    D P

    @masterdebater421 I hope so. I hope Jones works out. I’m a Giants fan. But he has no excuses now. I think by Thanksgiving we will know if he’s really the guy

    Sha Balla

    @Dennis Williams parsons is so overrated

    Dennis Williams

    @Sha Balla I could less at this point, he is now a cowboy. Toney is the pick and I’m gonna ride with him.

Mark Saraceno

DJ says inconsistent hands.. he had 3 drops in 150 targets

    Edgar Ramirez

    I heard it was 4 in 144 targets. Regardless if that’s true, that’s STILL a hell of a track record.

    Jason Todd

    Damn, that seems pretty consistent considering y’all have Engram as your pro bowler

    dizzy gee

    @Jason Todd Ain’t no Giants fans that would put him there….[yet….that is]

Jim Brown

I was not expecting this pick AT ALL. Wow, I was a bit shocked when the pick came in. I had watched a bunch of Kyle Pitts tape at Florida and any time you watched Pitts you’d see Kadarius Toney being such a headache to other teams. Very shifty. Great start/stop acceleration and wiggle. He’s going to remind a lot of Giants fans of Odell Beckham. Especially the way he runs routes with that jab step that he does just like Odell. I’d love to see the Giants draft an edge defender with their next pick. I heard Azeez Ojulari had a leg issue found on his medical check. I wonder how much longer that will cause his draft stock to fall. It’s tough to find out how serious of an issue it is. He’d fit in so well with our defense. What a steal it would be too. I’ve seen many scouts calling him a top 20 pick in this draft class.

Nathan Williams

Imma be honest I forgot who he was but man once I remembered him and seen what he can do I’m glad they picked him homie gonna light up any defense

Amazing Guy

I was hyped when we drafted him

Amazing Guy

Bears get us the 1st pick and we get the 32nd pick 😃

    xxDAMIENxx823 C

    That would be a dream crazy part great minds think a like cause i thought the samething 😅😅


    I HOPE Chicago loses every game, and not just bc I’m a Giants fan… I can’t stand Ohio St players and can’t stand idiot Bears fans who still believe it’s 1985. PEACE ALL

Feliciano Media Co

Shaun Ohara is Still One Of My Favorite Players 😎


    Can he just unretire and play on our o line? Too late? Lol

    Feliciano Media Co

    @masterdebater421 😂😂😂 Just a few Years

Talking Too Much with Jeremy A Rodriguez

Hope we add more motion to the offense this year with Saquon back and Toney here now

I'm Batman

With waddle gone, toney was the next closest thing in terms of versatility and explosiveness. Couldn’t be happier LET GO

Scrood Wrld

Let’s go Big Blue


Dave got the Giants this guy and those future draft picks….great job!

Jonathan Medina

This is a great pick because you can move him anywhere, we can possibly even see some trick plays since he used to be a QB in high school. Also even some nice designs play as a RB. The possibilities are endless.


There’s still some good hog mollies available let’s get protection for DJ

José Rivera

Toney vs D. Smith will be interesting to see. Toney is going to break all kinds of ankles. I hope we’ll look back one day and say THANKS cowboys/eagles!

Fernando Saad

Dallas and Eagles conspired against the giants to take smith. They scared but we had options and i’m glad we got a receiver.

Trevon Ceaser

Absolute stud . Best first day we’ve had in years. Feels good after going thru the trenches with this team . Let’s get back to winning!

Mike C

If offense improves dramatically, the D needs to still have the “shut out” mentality.

Dave D

We need Toney. The pick has really grown on me…. We need that energy, excitement, confidence. He’s gonna be a big playmaker


Slept on it and i love the pick now. He is the Ahmad Bradshaw of WRs

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