Giants are Headed to LONDON! Giants vs. Packers Week 5 | Instant Analysis & Reaction – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Giants are Headed to LONDON! Giants vs. Packers Week 5 | Instant Analysis & Reaction

The New York Giants are set to face the Green Bay Packers in London, October 9, 2022 at 9:30AM ET. Bob Papa breaks down the news, presented by United.

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New York Giants Reply

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    Conor Reardon Reply

    just wanted to know I’m a huge giants fan an have never had a chance to experience a nfl game which would be amazing do u know a good website to buy a ticket of

    Conor Reardon Reply

    an when do tickets go on sale

Chris Bailey Reply

This has literally made my year. I just hope and prey I manage to get tickets 🤞

    Conor Reardon Reply

    I’m made up myself mate an hope I get a ticket might never get this chance again do u know a good website to buy a ticket of an what date they go on sale mate

Jakefanpackttm Jake’s Sports Talk Reply

Hope the Giants pull out the win vs the Packers. Go Giants!

Go Big Blue Reply

This is amazing. Lambeau Field is one of the hardest stadiums to play in and we don’t have to go this year??

    Chris Kelly Reply

    Yeah. It’s the hardest field…but the Giants somehow win there (on 2nd thought..ur right…I’m happy they don’t have to play Lambeau too..this isn’t the 2016 Giants !

    Mauro Medeiros Reply

    And if the video is correct, it will be almost a home game. Way more giants fans than packers fans

    actioncomics Reply

    I’m most excited to wake up and watch a nice 930am and pick up a the W before lunchtime.

Consti Röder Reply

Finally I can see my GIANTS live!!!
Greetings from Austria <3

    Joe Monteiro Sports Shorts Reply

    Its awesome theres fans across the pond. 🇺🇸 🇦🇹

JH_Hugot Prod Reply

Let’s go dj, Saquon, Kenny g, Xavier and etc cmon let’s bring the hype.

Joe Monteiro Sports Shorts Reply

This is awesome. I get to watch my team early in the morning!

Big Blue Highlander Reply

I get to go see the GIANTS in London, thanks guys from Scotland. LET’S GO GIANTS.

IllCaesar Reply

Remember the last time the Giants played in London during a make-or-break year for their young QB?

Giants going to the Super Bowl to knock off the undefeated Jacksonville Jaguars!

Pablo Chapo Reply

Cannot wait I live in England been a giants fan since 1984 I was thinking of coming over this year for a game no need to now


Absolutely hyped for this!!! As a Giants fan in the UK, I cannot wait to see big blue make the journey across the pond again! See you soon guys! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Conor Reardon Reply

    I can’t wait myself mate it going to be amazing do u know a good website to buy a ticket of mate

Mirkoro 01 Reply

Italian fan here,can’t wait to see my heroes at the stadium.

Thomas Latimer Reply

I’m active duty overseas in the UK & I’m very Happy I might able to see our Giants for the 1st time!

Mr Toxic Reply

I’m excited to finally see my Giants live

Brinch Reply

Im from Denmark and i can’t wait to go… Thank god for the London games

Good Vibez Reply

I’ll never forget that intense Landon Collins pick 6 that basically helped the Gmen beat the Rams ..

Filippo Bonfiglioli Reply

I’m from Italy. Always in London when Big Blue called. LET’S GO BLUE !!!!!!

Amazing Guy Reply

I wish it was in Lambeau so we could get a chance at revenge for the Boat Trip game

Amazing Guy Reply

Giants now have 9 home games and only 7 real away games

Amazing Guy Reply

The last time the Giants played in London and faced the Packers in the regular season they made the playoffs.

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