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CeeJay , Reply

Denver needs to freaking win omg

Cartman Power Reply

The Packers have the best defense and a top 5 offense.

    Psychosious Reply

    Actually their offense is not really doing that well this year. Past is past, we’re talking now.

Josef Luetschwager Reply

I love elway and what he did for us but he’s not the best GM

Joose Reply

Record aside, this team looks so much more composed and confident than the previous two seasons.

mr kneel Reply

The AFC is still wide open, just chill Broncos Country, we can still make the playoffs watch!

    xXjester Xx Reply


    2beyou Reply

    Yes they can

    Josef Luetschwager Reply

    It’s not wide open the chiefs are pretty solid

    Jerome Schulze Reply

    U dumb

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    Lol no we aren’t dude be realistic. This team isn’t getting anywhere near .500 much less the playoffs

Genetic Freak Reply

Elway needs to drop this GM stuff and just run for governor already, politics is where his hearts at. Then they can hand the reins over to Peyton.

Dracarys Dothraki Reply

Sack this rookie mofo 6 times, bring the orange crush back!!

    Darion Spencer Reply

    Dracarys Dothraki need better linebackers

Juan Carlos Torrex SΓ‘nchez Reply

Stop lying to us, that doesn’t go with your greatness
I think it’s time for you to turn around and see that you have failed
Recognize your mistakes and step aside

First Among Equals Reply

I never thought I see the day when the Broncos go 0-3 but I dont feel horrible I feel like we got a good team and coach. I hope we can pull it together. GO Broncos

    Fun Always Reply

    πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ That’s right

Rich Hlava Reply

Broncos are just a handful of plays/mistakes away from being at least 2-1 .. the best 0-3 team out there

    Fun Always Reply


    Sean Schisler Reply

    And 1 bad ref call

    David Gentry Reply


Fun Always Reply

I rather go through the slump early then late in the season.

    Darion Spencer Reply

    Fun Always yeah boutta make a run

    Kyle Lichty Reply

    You look at Vance Joseph’s broncos who came out with wins, and then fell off a cliff half way through the season. Would rather take the L’s early and learn. Our schedule this year is brutally tough though…

Darion Spencer Reply

Need a new LT

Michael Bowen Reply

So who still wants to complain about Gary and Wade in 2016?…

Anonymous Reply

Better losing early then winning early getti g a good streak then all goes to he’ll. Rather lose big games first then become better about mid season. I think we can really come back this year. We will surprise everyone by the end of the season.

MrAdamNTProtester Reply

We should have been in on the M Fitzpatrick sweepstakes instead of letting him sign w steelers… we also should be looking hard at Ja;len this weekend to reconstitute the NO FLY & give our Pass Rush some coverage sacks in the 1-2.5 second range… when we play Carr next time in week 17 I want him having to hold ball for 3 sec or risk a pick 6
I have analyzed EVERY SB championship and the METRIC that determines outcomes the MOST is Rush 35 or more Pass 25 or less in 53 chances only 6 deviations from TEAM that comports closest to this metric WINS SB… that’s 47 out of 53 chances WINNER deviates least INCLUDING EVERY SB played by BRONCOS- the more we got away from metric the more we got beat… when we were right on the numbers WIN WIN WIN!… when we have RUSHERS like we do in Freeman & Lindsay… when we have Pass Pro problems as we do on OLine with IR RT & LT that struggles- YET GOOD RUSH BLOCKING… when we lack sacks as we do; when we lack TO as we do… AND when we have Flacco with the potential to have the BEST season of his life like we do:
EVERYTHING SAYS RUSH THE DAMN BALL 35+ times & Pass 25 or less set Flacco & our DEF up to succeed instead of FAILING… 58.3%+ RUSH ANS 41.7% PASS IS THE WINNING METRIC… Elway if you doubt this factually correct & totally true info then email me & I will send you this simple YET 100% TRUTH VALUE CORRELATING analysis

Jack Black Reply

Fire Elway!! Yes i am a bronco fan. Yes he a bronco legend. But 3 years we got nothing but losing seasons.

Anthony Lucero Reply

I said at the beginning of the season 3-13 the way things are going I may be right…. Don’t hate it was just a gut feeling,maybe they can turn it up and make a good turnaround.

Joseph Malinowski Reply

yo I don’t know about anybody else but I’m getting sick and tired of how the Broncos have been playing they got the longest losing streak in the NFL right now 7 games we got probably one of the fastest running backs in the league why are they not doing the fake handoff between the speed of Emmanuel Sanders the height of Sutton and Deshawn Hamilton we got the two best defensive end Von Miller Bradley Chubb 302 week 4 and they don’t have a sack this week against Jacksonville they better make this a statement game and blow out Jacksonville

K L Reply

IDC what anyone says about Elway he gives us the best option as GM to win. We had bad seasons with Elway under center and he prevailed at that winning us back to back Super Bowls in his final season as a Bronco. He took us to two super bowls as a gm and won one of those Super Bowls which brings our total to 3. How many Super Bowls have we been to / won when Elways was not leading the Bronco organization? Just give the man some time to do what he does best. They dont call him the comeback king for nothing…

Brian G. Ellman Reply

Pretty rough room we have here. fortunately or unfortunately. I’m a Broncos guy for life. I don’t have a bag over my head yet. Joy and happiness. !!

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