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Getting BACK on schedule | Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan spoke with the media about the team’s focus this week on the Titans, Austin Hooper’s success through the first three games and their mindset to get back on schedule.

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FalconYT Reply


Thanos Reply


    Chasin Paper Reply

    @blake wagner And even then he would still be better than whoever we are gonna field against Tennessee (Presuming they dont slide Kazee to SS)

    LA Ryan Reply

    I was all for getting Barry until I found out he keeps getting injured.

    Jay Manning Reply

    Berry may help us but…Thanos himself would surely improve our defense 😏

    Tony Shepard Reply

    We can’t afford him

Cartman Power Reply

Matty Ice is better than Cam Newton.

    Julio jones Reply

    Cartman Power not even close but Matt can piss you of at times

    Hiro God Reply

    Cartman Power obviously

    Raymond Elder Reply


Raymond Elder Reply

1-2 and everyone is panicking, the Falcons are going to get up to speed. Relax

    softcaramel53 jab Reply

    @Matty Ghost yep n? We gonna win

    Matty Ghost Reply

    @Raymond Elder Look at the schedule bro…

    Raymond Elder Reply

    @Matty Ghost so what

    Raymond Elder Reply

    @Matty Ghost were about to go on a rampage

    Tuba God Reply

    r0mediddy I agree

Byron Jones Reply

Matt was pissed last week but I believe he found the rhythm, Let’s go Matt! I believe in this guy!$ Not DQ tho!

    softcaramel53 jab Reply

    Hell me 2😬

    Byron Jones Reply

    @softcaramel53 jab he’s just to soft!

Joshsmoove Reply

So stop throwing the other TEs the ball so often. Only target Hoop!

Mahin Acharya Reply

Matt Ryan has the talent remember guys every time in Matt Ryan’s first year of another type of OC he isn’t used to he has a bad year but next year he has mvp type season as we have seen in shanahan’s second year and Steve Sarkisan’s next year

    Ronnie Williams Reply

    But Matt is getting older his window is getting smaller running out of time for all this next year stuff🤔

    Micael Reply

    @Ronnie Williams Age isn’t really a thing for QBs like Ryan, Brees, and Brady

    Shereda Cook Reply

    @Prynce9 Gaming lol

DogManiyak G Reply

Just throw it to Hooper and not Stocker Stock needs to help us in the run game We doing good on offense But Defense We out there playing scared lol Rise up

DogManiyak G Reply

ICEMAN please take us to the Championship #DBN

    Dr Shwazz Reply

    DogManiyak G Not really up to him our coaching and defense need to step it up and help him out too

    DogManiyak G Reply

    @DrShwazz i know its a Family effort i hope We ready to play Sunday Tennessee is a decent team we cant sleep on no more teams

    Jamerous 58 Gilliam Reply

    And win it. Don’t forget to win it

DogManiyak G Reply

We came along way from 4th and goal we can’t score wit Sarkisian to atleast were dropping 24 a game lol But 24 won’t get it done to win NFC Championship we need 35 to 38 a game Rise up

    Dave Be Krazy Reply

    Bruh…..35 points a game? If we need that many points, that means our defense is COMPLETELY bush league

    DogManiyak G Reply

    @Dave Be Krazy bro teams like The Chiefs Patriots and aints Greenbay etc all can score 30+ We need to be able to match

    WatchEmFly Reply

    @DogManiyak G Green Bay hasn’t scored 30 points once yet this season. They scored 10 in their first game lol

    NI5HU A. Reply

    Yeh we’re definitely not beating rams saints chiefs or patriots based on what I’ve seen

Nick bagnulo Reply

Mixed feelings about this team Right now
Deep down we will be fine

BLO e# Reply

You gotta blitz more than last game. Made Brissett look like Montana

Russell Stewart Reply

Matt do what you you do and get us a win get the ball to Ridley and Julio Jones and keep winning streak rolling 😁

    Charles Robinson Reply

    Russell Stewart idk about Ridley cuz he injured

jaylovespti Reply

Yeah let’s get back on schedule. And stop throwing to Luke Stocker!

Peter Ellis Reply

Luke Stocker is 🗑🗑🗑🗑

Good Looking Honkey Reply

Smfh….This guy is soo happy about a practice lol. Unreal lol.
I think we pay him millions just for practice

Michael Toland Reply

If this team doesn’t score 24-28 pts on O & Matt keeps it clean they will go 6-10 . Time to draft a young QB falcons .

Darius Sloan Reply

We will get back on schedule Falcons Rise up

John Smith Reply

A career 2TD/1int ratio QB below all his peers Rogers, brady, brees, Wilson etc. Never a great caretaker of the ball. Aging will make it worse & an 19th or so ranked defense won’t be able to maintain

Ian Raine Reply

Get the ball to Calvin and Super Hooper.

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