Paty Perez

Let’s Gooooo Broncos!!! 🧡🏈💙

    Joseph Clark

    You truly are a Broncos fan! When I go to read comments you’re always one of the first! Awesome to see you every time! Go Broncos!!!

    Paty Perez

    Joseph Clark thanks man I truly am… I have a channel here on you tube and it’s about my love for handbags but if them women would like to hear about football you know I’d love to rave about them Broncos ! Gooooo Broncos!!!!! 🧡🏈💙


    @Paty Perez Heeeey, female football fan over here too! #NFLChicks


Maybe we’ll pull this win? Although we are 0-2 I still have a little hope. Also first!

    Paty Perez

    By a second lol Gooo Broncos!!

Omar Anwer

hopefully we win

Jeff Wingham

Not until Elway is gone.

The Carnage



Come on Broncos!!!….bring back those kind of moments!!!!

Dark Dan

I love the Broncos but today I will be shopping 0-3

Cartman Power

Packers will win by a game winning touchdown.



Mr. Castles

DB4L! Can’t wait to see Lambeau field covered in ORANGE!

    Cartman Power

    It’s gonna be green and yellow because the Packers are a more popular team.

The Random Broncos Dude

Historically we have never won in Green Bay. Maybe this will be the first.

Boss Tank

Let’s go packer


I’m just kidding let’s go Broncos



RockPony Sparkle Princeoffriendship

I can feel it I feel like this I feel like this is going to be different I think Denver is going to win I mean look back a few years ago when Denver beat Grand Bay in Denver

Binx Negale

Lesskooo Broncos!! Gotta get this W. Fire all 8 cylinders today baby. #DB4L

Jerome Schulze

38-10 packers.. If we dint get pressure on rodgers and offense don’t score going to be a long day

Joser Boi

LETS GO !!!!

Norman Hall

Holding number 72 of the offence

Daniel 24

We lost again smh

Justin Garman

They were terrible

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