Get an inside look at Monday’s Broncos Camp practice as the team moved indoors – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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シB O I Reply

Who ever dislike is a bum

Michael The Original Dizzy-D Lavimodiere Lavim Reply

Playoffs Bound……. #MileHighSouljaStyle

Steve Gardenhire Reply

This will be the best division in the NFL this year

    Jerome Schulze Reply

    Um no it won’t be.. Denver taking it 13-3 chiefs 8-8 chargers 8-8 raiders 4-12

    Steve Gardenhire Reply

    @Jerome Schulze like your way of thinking. Got to keep Joe upright though

    Jerome Schulze Reply

    @Steve Gardenhire we will john gave him weapons.. He will use them..

Charlez Cash Reply

I love our new coach 😎

D K Reply

Just good to know we have a 240lb Rolls Royce as a BACKUP. Let’s go

    Steven Soco Reply

    D K soon to be starter

Jerome Schulze Reply

I don’t want to see no starters until week 3 wee 4

Jerome Schulze Reply

Hope we wear our new uniforms thursday.. And we get new logos !!

    Aidan Henriksen Reply

    Jerome Schulze What?

Darian Martin Reply

Drew better step it ip

Jerome Schulze Reply

To limit penilties.. I want the coach to do.. If 1 holding or pass int..does 2 laps.. If there are 5 penilties 10 laps for the whole team.. 10 + 20 suicides whole team.. And 50 pushups..

Keith Smallwood Reply

This defense is full of pros. Led by Coach Vic. They are not only physically the best, they are cerebral tacticians. Calculated killers. Mile High Joe is thankful he doesnt have to play this machine in a live situation.
That being said; this offense has no ceiling and can run up a score on any defense in the league. With the right flow and feeling of the energies, subtle nuances, this offense is also a tactical machine. Discipline is the key factor and i believe these new coaches are solidifying that culture. Cold, calculated, mile high assassins

    JSauer21 Reply

    Offense has a lot of potential, but I’m tempering my expectations until they prove it in games

    jesster777 Reply

    Yeah i like the enthusiasm but the offense has yet to see a snap. I dont think anyone who knows us well is questioning our defenses capability but our offense has to prove itself. I believe they can but only time will tell

    Keith Smallwood Reply

    Watch haha play action is going to be deadly. The O will demand respect.

Genetic Freak Reply

LOL, Steve lookin like a professor

John Elway Reply

Looking good

    Christopher Kramer Reply

    John Elway this video totally gives me hope for the season. I am a very logical thinker, and we are really looking good!

Charles A Townsend Reply

Rypien should be second. Lock is hyped due to the draft.
I would like to see Rypien as well on Thursday.

    jesster777 Reply

    Rypien has thrown more interceptions in camp than anybody

    Charles A Townsend Reply

    @jesster777 Looks like all three, Hogen, Lock and Rypien will all play on Thutsday.

    jesster777 Reply

    @Charles A Townsend yessir, should be interesting for sure!

    Charles A Townsend Reply

    @jesster777 Hogan look really good. Lock could not move the ball much. His passing was unsettled. He overthrew several plays which looked alot like Keenum who was overthrowing everyone. That was probably first game jitters, I hope. Rypien had two passes dropped right off the bat which could have been cought. those would have been first downs but when the pressure was on, Rypien placed the ball where it needed to be, and came through. Thankfully, the reciever stayed with the ball for the atch. But that ball had to be placed exactly where it was thrown. Rypien loog pretty good to.

emitsomla Reply

Atwater, why are you not coaching?

Macktron Reply

Hired him 2 years too late

Ronald Samples Reply

Love Vic and his coaching staff lets go Flacco

Mark Passarelli Reply

Mr. Fangio please take us back to the promise land 😀

J Landon Reply

The Broncos have tremendous talent. We’re not sure about the new coaches yet!

J Landon Reply

Flaco should feel fortunate he practices against one of the finest defence’s in the NFL!

Tomas Lujan Reply

You guys
Need more highlights and less of guy who never played

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