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Devin B



    Devin B πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Evan McKinley

2nd Comment damn I’m super hype about this season!

jacob mondragon

Alexis has a sexy body😍😍😍🀀🀀🀀

    Aaron Gonzalez

    Same she’s bomb

    Karl Cross


    Phenom AL

    I have bigger problem’s then a bunch of dummies selling out & sleeping around.

T. White

4:40 what were they drinking? 5 hour energy? CBD?



    T. White

    KcD_B-roncos1 yes , between 4:30-4:40 mark.


    CBD lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


I can’t wait for the first game

daniel guth

Look, in defense of the offense (lol) they are working against one of the best defenses in the NFL.
Add in the new shifty stealth defense Coach Fangio is installing, designed to confuse offenses, and the sheer talent on the roster…

im surprised the offense is accomplishing anything after only one week of camp.

Advantage defense in camp, but once the games start….

Mo Her

Lack wr, Sutton need to step up big!


    If the wr’s don’t step with Sanders being out then it’s just post ravens superbowl all over again. Flacco needs weapons or this season’s a waist.

    Mo Her

    Yeah.. i have a feeling the wr going to slow down this O. Sanders just need to stay healthy all season. Plus he just came back frm a bad injury.

    Jerome Schulze

    We need to trade him..he sucks


Australia shares a few familiar names: Brisbane Broncos, Canberra Raiders, North Qld Cowboys, Penrith Panthers, Gold Coast Titans

Silent Gaming

Even if lock does not start, im so excited to see what he can do. I don’t expect him to light anything up just yet, he is not NFL ready yet. But ya never know

aaaiDanziel Taylor

This boy a beast he is a under rated receiver

aaaiDanziel Taylor

Way better than obj ab put together

    Adilson Rodrigues



The offense will be fine, iron sharpens iron

Jerome Schulze

Would like to go watch them saturday in the stadium..think this is first time we’ve done that..

Jerome Schulze

I want to see no starters next thursday..nobody.. Even our drafties.. Like fant, risner, our linebackers and winfree nobody..3, 4th week start to bring them in and 5th game all game..

Cliff Hanger

Being in a contract year equates to a good year.
Have a happy day bronco fans. Furthermore I think Wolfe is going to have a career year. Maybe CHJ too. I hope they do.

blue sky251

these guys wear the cross as earrings…its all for show..religion is a big lie….worshiping a man…believing you can raise the dead …the trinity…stop please…im from the middle east we are closer to “revelation” than you guys…and trust me its all a lie…

Les Rosin

I understand why, all the newness of everything etc., but dang our Broncos are rated so pathetically low this coming season, that`s why I want them to win a lot more games than “experts” predict. A good 10.

Phil Heather

The North Queensland Cowboys play rugby league. Not rugby. They are different. Furthermore North Queensland and Melbourne city are in no way related. They are 1000s of miles apart and share nothing in common. The reference to them and the link between the North Queensland Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboys, Gotsis and country music are tenuous and totally irrelevant. Here’s what it sounds like. ‘Gotsis comes from Melbourne. A major urban metropolis in Australia. Gotsis likes country music even though he comes from urban Melbourne. There is a rugby (league) team called the North Queensland Cowboys. It’s somewhere in Australia and somehow related to Melbourne. There’s also an NFL team called…wait for it…The Dallas Cowboys. These things are all related.’

ryan denton

I think Lock is a hell of a lot more NFL ready than the team is letting on but I know they’re desperate to hold him off till next year which honestly is although unpopular the right decision. He’ll learn a lot and have the playbook on “lock” lol… but he’s got me so excited for the future! Going to the preseason game against the hawks I’m stoked to see him play and to play against a good defense

Terry Smith

Go Broncos!

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