Get a live look at the Broncos’ afternoon practice on Day 6 of training camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Kathleen Henderson Reply

Love to see Steve Atwater! I enjoy hearing his viewpoints on various players and learn what he thinks about all the new players. Plus, his perspective on the defensive line, corner backs, defensive backs, inside & outside linebackers, defensive linemen and the different safeties. Thanks, everyone!

Fitz13 Reply

2:48 nice to see you Todd Davis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Josh G Reply

I love the broncos

Aaron Weaver Reply

When YouTube use to give you skip button on 30 second comerial but now only a 10 second commercial with a damn skip button

Aaron Weaver Reply

Let’s go undefeated

    Jerome Schulze Reply

    We can easliy.. Only team that might be hard is browns bears and jags..

Urgent-Az Reply

Atwater not on Lotts level ? Steve Atwater was on his own level (period)

    Au H2O Reply

    I love Atwater, and even though Wade Phillips’ defense kept him playing up close for run support early in his career, Lott’s ball-hawking is what put him on a different level. Only Brian Dawkins is an all-around better safety.

    Wolfsky9 Reply

    Atwater——-was at BEAST level———period, end of story ! ——————WolfSky9

Aaron Weaver Reply

Let’s go Offence your going g to have to turn into a Defensive oline

mike horne Reply

I like the young talent Elway has gotten n finaly got a real HC dont c y we cant make the post season if we stay healthy n get a few mile high magic anything posible go broncos

Maurizio Zurita Reply

Todd Davis got a new hairstyle πŸ’β€β™€οΈπŸ‘Œ

    Jacob Robledo Reply

    Maurizio Zurita if your talking about 2:48. That’s Phillip Lindsay

Zaaxun Reply

Jake butt missed another practice I like the guy but using a roster spot on someone who’s always hurt, idk. 3 years is enough if Austin fort keeps impressing butt might be on the chopping block.

Ryan Alexander Bloom Reply

They need to give Mason a clothing allowance so he can buy some shirts in his actual size. Rolling up the cuffs is not a good look for TV. I know how it is, shirts off the store shelf are too short in the arm for me much of the time. I have to find the tall sizes… but I know they also make short sizes. But also, the O line needs to step up. I predicted they would be the weak point and so far it looks like I was right… I did not want to be right about that one.

Reuben Reply

This is a proving year for Leary and Butt. I hope they can both stay healthy. I want to see what butt is capable of

rolland mousseaux Reply

going to see alot of two tight end sets when alot of running is the goal….deep depth needed as injury has hurt us at this position in the past……

roger twitty Reply

atwater HALL OF FAME

blue sky251 Reply

guys the d will be fine…but im telling you im so sick of 3 and out…i will be so pissed if we are always in damn 17-13 games…too much pressure on the d…open up the o..!!

crobinson41121 Reply

Hearing how bad your starter is playing lol

Blake Williams Reply

I cant wait to see the Lock to Winfree era I think they will be a dual threat!

Charles A Townsend Reply

Doesn’t Massion have any Bronco gear. Come on man…

Charles A Townsend Reply

I don’t buy any of that. These guys have played football all their life. Either they want to commit or they don’t. I don’t expect that much more improvement from them. They need to commit to camp and show what they can do.

Charles A Townsend Reply

The safety positions are the most underestimated positions. Steve Atwater was great. I also remember Charlie Waters – Dallas and Ronnie Lott – SF., Good to hear we are looking good on Defense.

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