George Kittle Breaks Down Route Running, the Advantages of Motion, & Run Blocking | NFL Film Session – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Thomas T Reply

Niner gang where you at

    vPure Gunna Reply

    Thomas T hey man

    Sprint Right Option Reply

    I´m here!!

    Charles Munoz Reply

    Bang bang! Repping here in enemy territory ☝ near Seattle! Weakbeaks hate me!😆
    49er FAITHFUL forever!

    Alex YMB Reply

    Bang bang niner gang!

MrBear2073 Reply

Best TE in the league right now. He can block, run routes, has great speed, and has good hands.

    CatharticCathexis Reply

    @TyGa You’re the one denying reality claiming he’s not doubled.

    TyGa Reply

    @CatharticCathexis link me highlights of him getting doubled. They aren’t in this video.

    CatharticCathexis Reply

    @TyGa Like I said, you’re blind. You can watch the tape.

    TyGa Reply

    @CatharticCathexis loool talk to me when Kittle gets to the Pro Bowl 3 more times. He barely hit 500 yards in 2017. I don’t wanna be braindead from watching the 49ers offense.

    CatharticCathexis Reply

    @TyGa You mean his rookie year he only had 500 yards? Wow, what a scrub. Just stop coping with your insecurity over Kelce.

N Siri Reply

1:16 that’s the reason why the Chargers cut Jahleel Addae (#37) and drafted Nasir Adderley.

    Tay McCullough Reply

    Absolutely brother

    Goober Goff Reply

    Bird boy 100% the reason dude got burned left and right he was very slow and can only cover half a Field

    Gibster Reply

    Adderley isn’t exactly all that fast either but he should still be an upgrade overall

    Patrick Avalos Reply

    Watching Addae for so many years was painful. His only concern was to hit somebody hard.

Thelegend Reply

i’m a hawkeye fan and a 49er fan he is the perfect player 4 me

    Carter Olson Reply

    Hawkeye Nation

Saeteunel 13 Reply

That 1 dislike is from Travis Kelce for taking the record.

    Gibster Reply

    Nah Trav loves George. He even gave Kittle on of his Jersey’s that he wore for a game

Austin Rich Reply

whats crazy he is fast for his size like 6ft4 250 probably bigger. kettle is whats todays tightends are all about

    Sprint Right Option Reply

    He´s the definitive evolution of the TE

    Patrick Johannes Reply

    Sprint Right Option Since this upcoming season sure. Before the definition of a TE was Gronk

JellyPlat Reply

This dude about to get paid big time..

    Joseph Lopez Reply

    He dont seem greedy tho, which is good

    JellyPlat Reply

    Ya true, he seems like a humble, smart dude

George Calderon Reply


Legend__ 21 Reply

1:21 that is why us chargers fans hated jahleel addae #37 so much🤦🏾‍♂️…im so glad we cut him🙏🏾⚡💯

    A sad Jets Fan Reply

    Just like I hated Mike maccaggnan, I’m glad he’s gone

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @A sad Jets Fan true true💯

    Tay McCullough Reply

    Legend__ 21 absolutely brother! Bolt up!

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Tay McCullough #BoltUp 💪🏾💯⚡⚡⚡

biggmikeization Reply

He’s gotta chance to be one of da greats he has everything in repertoire

    Loanword Eggcorn Reply

    Crazy thing is that he got much better this offseason due to Yoga and other things. Between his first and second season he greatly improved his strength and stamina. He’s also stronger this year.

JayeCrook29 Reply

Bill belichek would have rewinded that that clip at 6:41 a billion times in his office with the lights off in sheer ecstasy 🤣🤣🤣

49erfaithful Reply

George Kittle is my favorite player in the NFL, he is the best TE in the NFL and I can’t wait to see what he does in the future I want to be like him when I grow up, I met him once at one of their practices last year and he was super nice

    Evil Duck Reply

    @Joseph Lopez ur high is u think Kittle is better than Ertz and Kelce

    Joseph Lopez Reply

    @Evil Duck maybe not kelce, but hes better than ertz

    thetallpaul55555 Reply

    @Joseph Lopez I think when you get to the level those 3 are at, its pick your poison. They are all so good. That’s probably true of the top 3 at any position though I suppose. And then there is Donald.

    49erfaithful Reply

    @Evil Duck ur high if u think kelce and ertz r better than kittle

Greg Dunn Reply

I like how he runs into contact and bulls them over. Best TE in the game

Victor Contreras Reply

Kittle did all of this with a 3rd string quarterback

    Charles Munoz Reply

    He actually did this with all 3 qb’s on the roster last year. Jimmy went down week 3 in September. Beathard played until week 9 November 1st when Mullens got the nod against the Raiders. Which makes Kittles season even more impressive.

Cedric CYH Reply

He was a pro bowler and his QB was P.L Mullens or whatever his name was

Crown20 Aaryan Reply

Kittle is hands down of the best players in the league and one of the best personalities. Niners gonna be fun to watch next yr watch out!!!

dustinj217 Reply

Just starting getting into the NFL. This video and explaining some of the stuff is amazing for me.

Loanword Eggcorn Reply

Kyle is a genius, and Kittle is a great student. Tough and smart.

The Prospectors Reply

Just want everybody healthy so we can watch what this team and this guy are really capable of. Niners gonna go baby !!

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