Gardner Minshew Steps in for Foles & Lobs 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Gardner Minshew Steps in for Foles & Lobs 2 TDs | NFL 2019 Highlights

Gardner Minshew takes over the reins for Nick Foles and throws 275 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Slone Hoban Reply

im just here for minshew highlights

    Jared GOAT Reply

    Well the entire video is based on Minshew highlights so i hope ur happy.

    H F Reply

    same go cougs

    Bombers No.4 nighthawk Reply


Chief Ki Sosa Reply

What if this a tom Brady situation 🤔

    Trendy trending gossipers Reply

    @Foolish Demon He did it plenty of times

    Alejandro Cabrera Reply

    Chief Ki Sosa i hope

    dan4isaboss Reply

    Minshew already better than Brady ever was

    Kal El Reply

    Something tells me we’re into something good

    A S Reply

    @quan Brooklyn kid In his second season, Brady took over as the starting quarterback after Drew Bledsoe was injured. He led the Patriots to first place in the AFC East and a victory over the favored St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI, winning his first Super Bowl MVP award.

Young Ghost Reply

No one gonna talk about how a man who had a game/games after starting qb gets injured and now it’s the same for Gardner I think maybe they could split starting jobs I mean 275 yards as a backup rookie qb that’s legendary on first game with one interception that’s the heart of a starter cmon guys wake up

    Jdang Reply

    Greg P yeah Ik who he is

    Foolish Demon Reply

    @Greg P Minshew isn’t Savage.

    Foolish Demon Reply

    @Greg P Ever hear of Nick Foles or Tom Brady? Kirk Cousins….

    Carson Brite Reply

    @DoubleFailMech New DC for the Chiefs and the Jags offense clearly got better.

    DoubleFailMech Reply

    @Carson Brite So? It did get better which honestly isn’t hard for the chiefs since they basically had nowhere to go but up from last season. Jaguars lost their qb early and still almost dropped 30 on them. Jaguars most likely won’t even be top 15 in the league in offense so I don’t know why you’re bringing up their offense.

Electricane Reply

Minshew > Bortles

    Branzilla 17 Reply

    My left nut > Bortles

    cortezmauricio56 Reply

    noticing the obvious > bortles

    Unskilled Boss87 Reply

    My right nut > Bortles

    Caerlaverock Jaguar Reply

    Unskilled Boss87 Bortles > Osweiler.

Electricane Reply

Thanks CBS truck for breaking and not getting us his 2nd TD

    Evan Gessner Reply

    is there any vid of his second touchdown or thew last 6 minutes of the game?

    Xander Roberts Reply

    @Evan Gessner it’s on the Jags’ official Twitter account. He threw a 21 yard TD pass to Conley

    Seventh Mist Reply

    There was a power failure at the stadium. Their remark about “switching to a more competitive game” had me up in arms, too. Turned out it wasn’t their choice.

    Caerlaverock Jaguar Reply

    Steven Smith should’ve been more considerate about which game they chose. Hate the Titans. All jags fans do, and most people in Jacksonville, unless that person is from Nashville.

Writer Brandon McNulty Reply

Honestly this was the best QB play from a Jags QB in a decade. So glad we drafted this guy. He came up golden as a backup today.

    Berwyn Stone Reply

    @Steve D when he does great these next few weeks and I guarantee he will I will remember you I will come back to this post and I will troll you the kid has potential I honestly really don’t care I’m an Eagles fan I’m only here because of Nick Foles #BIRDGANG 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

    Steve D Reply

    @Berwyn Stone I so so hope you are right – I picked him up in two fantasy leagues, one dynasty – woot! Oh, and I have Wentz and Miles Sanders in dynasty – crazy how much they used Sproles over him…. thoughts?

    Writer Brandon McNulty Reply

    @904 chris Absolutely. Keep in mind that Minshew went 22/25 for 275yds without ANY reps this week. Imagine what he’ll be able to do once they cater the offense to his strength. No reason the Jags can’t win this division as long as Minshew stays sharp and the defense wakes up.

    Berwyn Stone Reply

    Steve D   Steve D  it’s sproles last season you will see Sanders start to get more touches eventually but one thing about Doug Peterson he always goes with his first option even if they’re playing poorly he has that much faith in his guys Sanders definitely a Hotshot but sproles going to have the slight Edge and honestly I’m going with sproles my self until he get injured which he will probably about the middle of the season god forbid but Doug Peterson knows this the eagle organization knows this but out of respect loyalty and his vet status and the fact he still has the flame in him he’s going to get the slight Edge every time and he’s going to deliver until he gets hurt lol but as of now a rookie taking a vet place under Doug Pederson not going happen now in the middle of the season they might go with Sanders over Howard maybe that can happen but as long as sproles delivering sanders not taking his spot if anything he will figure out a way do you use them equally before he let him take his spot the eagle just fully loaded you got guys like Corey Clement coming off the bench are you kidding me

    Roderick Clerk Reply

    @Robert Blaster You went to Brandon! I played at Northwest Rankin when Coach Hurt was there. Graduated in 2014. Minshew is honestly the best high school QB we played against. I knew he was going pro then. It’s a small world.😊

4thlord51 Reply

Foles is only a closer…. he should be contractually obligated to start at the end of the season

    X-Manzy Reply

    If Minshew continues to do good and helps the Jags do well, Foles won’t start once he’s back from injury.

Hector Rodriguez Reply

Uncle Rico is taking over Napoleon Dynamite with a shoulder injury

    Andre Shelby Reply

    Lmao about rightt

    The One and Only Reply

    Uncle Rico is a perfect nickname for Minshew.

Pantomath Reply

When the Jaguars drafted Minshew I said that he would push Foles for the starting job, and was a potential diamond in the rough. No one believed me.

    Silent butt deadly Reply

    Link please.

    Rich Lo Reply

    I still dont…lol

    Kal El Reply

    @Greg P you’re not a JAGS fan, are you

    bridgxr Reply

    Every Single Pac-12 fan knew that. Especially WSU Fans.

LJTK Reply

Perfect backup to play during the regular season then unleash playoff Foles!

    Frozilla15 Reply

    Jags aren’t making the playoffs.

    Tre Sosa Reply

    Frozilla15 You sleep clown Jags winnin AFC South

Austin Hill Reply

Minshew has already done better than bortles. Coming from a chiefs fan, have fun with your new QB1 Jacksonville

    Brian Clark Reply

    Austin Hill Surprised us all a little today. Here’s to an 8-8 season (maybe) – Just go beat the Pats this year for us 🙂

    Jackson Callaghan Reply

    If he plays like this all season, if the defense shapes up the jaguars could still make the playoffs but those are big ifs.


I’m a Titans fan but Jax May have found a diamond in the rough!! He looks like a franchise qb.

    Brian Clark Reply

    J. DIZZLE we’ll see. You guys looked good today. See you in two weeks.

    Steve D Reply

    @Brian Clark Titans totally surprised me – wow. Browns were supposed to be the next great thing

Shalton Blaylock Reply

Watched preseason and was thinking maybe this guy just needs to be with the starters. Then boom. Foles gets folded and buddy get the nod.
Minshew the Goat 🐐

LeBron Durant Reply

Way to go Gardner. Your hometown Brandon Mississippi loves you.#BrandonBulldogs

    Roderick Clerk Reply

    #NorthwestRankin don’t @ me I know we’re not starting great this year.

    Marcus Galeano Reply

    Aww that’s so wholesome

Paul Patina IV Reply

he was a stud at Washington State and i bet he’ll turn out great as a pro.

    Fizzgig Reply

    Such a stud, he lost the Apple Cup.

Tavon ThaTruth Reply

Minshew definitely held his own even though they lost.

Karen Hardie Reply

Feel bad for Foles. He’s a really nice person on and off the field. Hope the new guy does well.

brent wood Reply

Jacksonville should switch to crimson and grey unis

yellowfaaze2 Reply

I just want Minshew to be the next Brady story

Levi Thomas Reply

My first impression (not very familiar with his play in college, and I’m an Eagles fan so I wasn’t following most QBs in the draft):

1. His pocket presence is very strong which seems to be a combination of his stellar footwork (kind of a lost art in modern quarterbacks) and his body-control/willingness to move while staying square and well-positioned to throw (no stiffness at all, far more comfortable in the pocket than Haskins or Murray look so far)

2. His ball placement is impeccable. He doesn’t have a Rocket for an arm like Mahomes, but he has a solid grasp on where he can put the ball so his guy can not only get it but also make a play on the defender as well. His back shoulder passes and his hook and fade routes are beautiful.

If I had to say, he’s my current pick amongst rookie QBs to be a future pro-bowler.

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