Gardner Minshew Lets It Fly w/ 374 Passing Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew Kyle

Even though the Jags lost the Minshew Magic is still real

    Dewitt McDidditt

    Totally. Of course Minshew is gonna get a few L’s, but he’s still doing awesome. He put up more passing yards than Brady did against the Redskins.


    its not gonna end, the kid is just good…its not magic anymore the dude is actually good

    hi BYE

    Andrew Kyle didn’t he have 3 turnovers yesterday?

    Andrew Kyle

    hi BYE yeah he did fumble a couple of times nevertheless he had a pretty good day yesterday


    @chaseturk nailed it.

Epic Gam3r

He is so calm. That’s what I like about him

Matthew Williams

R.I.P Nick foles career as a members of the jaguars

A sad falcons Fan

The legend of minshew continues

Nick Nickell

He’s a 6th round rookie playing better than half the qbs

    Danger Russ

    @Basketball Baller United Masterxx1229 RBLX wrong lol

    Isaac O

    @Basketball Baller United Masterxx1229 RBLX come on now all?!?! Lol just give credit when its due

    Basketball Baller United Masterxx1229 RBLX

    @Isaac O fine


    @Basketball Baller United Masterxx1229 RBLX one of those fumbles was his fault. The other two were on his teammates big time


Give him RoY already

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

🚨Breaking News🚨 The government is now changing the term “Mustache” to “Minshew”


    Wow. A policy that I agree with #Trump2020

Curtis 23

Gardner out their planting seeds.


Nick it’s been real. Gardner will be the QB this season and the next and wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a Captain patch on his jersey

Hector Rodriguez

Uncle Rico for 2019 NFL Rookie of the year

Gamemaniac 85

Damn Nick Foles just got Paid to Sit out and AB turned down 30mill to sit out….Crazy NFL season

Piped and drought

My broncos passed on him damn


    Piped and drought everyone passed on him lol

- S I L V A -

I dont care if we lost. Minshew was still playing hella great. Same with Chark.

Free TheKAMP

If it wasn’t for those fumbles we would’ve won but minshew kepts us in the game thats probably his best attribute his poise in high pressure moments he didnt let his mistakes determine the outcome.


    You mean if it wasn’t for the defense giving up 200+ yards to McCaffrey we could’ve won

Dolph Lundgren

Gardner Minshew is actually Uncle Rico of they had put him in the 4th quarter at state.

Day Be Trippin

If this man had the 2017 jags Defense. They be real Super bowl contenders 🔥

    Taco Clan

    Day Be Trippin oh hell yeah they would be

Gavin Knight Jackson

Feel like there was more u could’ve shown


Such an awesome guy! I’m a Packers fan but I’m really rooting for this dude, he’s so cool.


Despite CMC running all over the Jags def, this kid still finds ways to fight back. Unfortunately just fell short during the end.

Selena Pabon

he’s doing this with a below average o-line 🥴

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