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Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Can we all agree Winston and Mariota are busts?

    Nicholas Morris

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos as a giants fan, I’d take mariota

    Amari_Antique 21

    Mariota is a BUST lol….He let a 6th Round QB ( Minshew) outplay him.
    He never stays healthy and cant make multiple reads as a passer

    Chris Alcantar

    Mariota at least won a wildcard game vs the queefs Winston hasnt even won 9 games in a season i think

    Shane Pleasants

    I pretty sure Mariota is but I want to give Bruce a chance to see what he does with Winston I think he can turn him around

Loyal Philly fan

He looked great tonight. Idk about y’all but this game was fun to watch for me.


    Loyal Philly fan he’s looked great since Washington state, all three games this season he’s played great, doesn’t look like a rook at all


    It was a great game in the stands, too, despite the rain.

    Eric Frampton

    Kind of reminded me of the Jags defense in 2017.


    2 touchdowns in the first quarter then nothing but flags flying. Oh and a garbage time TD. The NFL is hard to watch. Atleast we have college.


I have the Jaguars on my fantasy team as defense. I needed this

    Nikhil Gajarawala

    boi lol same bro 14 points


    @Nikhil Gajarawala yep pretty good am I right

Owen Hovis

Ok let’s trade Kirk cousins straight up for Gardner Minshew


    Jacksonville doesn’t want Kirk

    Ben McGuire

    You must be crazy


    @Ben McGuire Nobody wants to pay Kirk’s contract right now.

    Ben McGuire

    @AyyCardinal yep


Minshew has a bright future for the Jags. Mariota looks like his time is running out with the Titans.


    GlaPlayz got the Tom Brady story written all over it, I won’t be surprised if we don’t see foles starting on this team again, don’t get me wrong nicks a good QB but he’s fragile now, and he’s already thought about retiring in the past, just don’t think he has the burn after winning a super bowl


    @Bennybass I agree. They should keep Gardner in if he keeps playing at this level and winning games.

    kong thao

    Mariota had injuries, plus nerve damage in his throwing arm.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes and plays for the Titans once Foles comes back.


You know refs are stupid when Tom Brady is calling them out for unfair penalties.

    Just Jug

    VAlex 3 tom was commenting about this game


    @VAlex 3 it actually is

    darline mack

    How they’ve helped him out so many years….The nerves of him!!!!!🤔


    He’s got Mariota on his fantasy team lol

Joshua Ebanks

That dropped TD pass by Dede was beautiful!! What a perfect fade into the endzone, sadly it was dropped but the accuracy and decision making is there!

    Loyal Philly fan

    Joshua Ebanks Dede dropped a few throws tonight he should’ve hung on to

    Daniel R.

    Should’ve passed it Chark

    Joshua Ebanks

    @Loyal Philly fan I’ll cut him a little slack, it was raining but yeah he should have cought most if not all his passes.

Richard Mitto

Damn bill sent Malcom butler to the phantom zone 😭😭 now he getting baked nonstop

    Richard Mitto

    cortezmauricio56 he had one good play honestly that play made he start talking about big money contract with bill and he got ahead of himself

    Mark r

    @aaron clay Butler isnt trash, he was a decent corner for patriots, in superbowl 49 he made important stops and the superbowl against the eagles, people questioned on why butler didnt play cause he would of make a difference

    Just Jug

    Every player no matter what position plays better under bill

    Zomato Online

Jacob Wang

Pac-12 North battle (Minshew spent final year of college at Washington State; Marcus Mariota played at Oregon) in the AFC South

Will Potter22

Minshew is the savior of my fantasy team. Good game for the stache man!

Tyler Greenough

Anyone watching this game who had L.Fournette as one there starting fanasty RB’s with like 7.8 fanasty points in the 4th. till he went up to 15.2 with that 60 yard run.God bless!!

    Bakugo Ktski

    Tyler Greenough dude someone in my league team traded Kittle for Fornette at this point I don’t know what to think

    Monkey Buisness

    I’m going up against the guy that has Fournette starting -__- Although I did have the Jag’s Defense starting, so I got 15 Points there.




    U know the vibes


Minshew made some throws tonight, that I haven’t seen ANY Jaguars QB’s complete ever.

    Central Coast Climber

    Don’t disrespect mark…

    joe shipley

    @I’m a Subv2 not you the first comment.

    Ernest McKinnis

    Other Jaguars who probably made those throws are Mark Brunell David Gerard and Byron Leftwich

    I’m a Subv2

    joe shipley oh I wasn’t looking I apologize

Jordan Clausell

Randy from South Park lighting it up on the field

    Andre Michael

    “I thought this was America”

    Najee Watson


    lawn gnome


It Wasn't Me

This Gardner Minshew guy is good

    Dewitt McDidditt

    The man. The myth. The legend. Gardner “Beowulf” Minshew II. Lol


    Dropping dimes everywhere.


    @Dewitt McDidditt Love this

Shortest SB Champion QB

The Stache killing it in the NFL! Jacksonville just became my second favorite team to watch

Tahkeem Hilton2.0

Minshew the next “Tom Brady” Sixth Round Pick!!!

    luke wilson

    @Deja Voodoo have you been watching this guy? I’m a saints fan and its clear lord breesus is better than tom crybrady. In any case, Minshew is an absolute stud. deja voodoo don’t breed…..

    Deja Voodoo

    luke wilson one game and you want to put him in the HOF. Btw. Brady = GOAT. Now go home and get your shine box.

    luke wilson

    @Deja Voodoo who says im putting him in the hall of fame little girl? Alls I’m saying is that he is playing well. Hurry up and die already. You’ve already lived your life…

    Deja Voodoo

    luke wilson You still haven’t explained why Seattle didn’t run the ball


I’ve already seen more in three games from Gardner Minshew than I did in five years of Blake Bortles and almost three years of Mitch Trubisky.

    Najja Alcaraz

    Jesse Yadon thank u


    @Jesse Yadon Trubisky is horrible and if you didn’t know he was Blake Bortles 2 coming into this season than you may be stupid.


    @Wrath of Vaughn Most of us wanted Bortles to be the guy. But it was kinda terrifying when the game was in his hands. Never knew if we would get good Blake or Bad. Good Blake was the Boat! I also will never forget him murdering the Steelers hopes and dreams. To this day I think its one of the reasons they are doing so bad now. lol. And nearly beating Tom and the Pats in the AFC and then beating the crap out of them last year I was like hes the man. Minshew on the other hand I dont have the fear that he will throw away the game so far. His only int was because of Fournette bobbling a good pass.


    @Wrath of Vaughn Oh and Blake could never throw a fade to the corners of the endzone. lol

Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

This dude is the steal of the draft so far. Crazy to think that this guy was on the board in the sixth round. Respect from a Giants fan. I can only hope that Daniel Jones is as good

    Monkey D. Zoro

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark relax my guy, many other rookies changing a team rn. Terry McLaurin, Hollywood Brown, Jacobs from Oakland, Dwayne Haskins will be good too

    First Last

    It’s gotta be awkward as hell in that locker room being Daniel Jones. Starting in place of someone who has been with the team forever, never missed a game except that one time where they started Geno Smith in place of him. Eli isn’t hurt, coaches and management are straight up telling him, “You’re done, we think this rookie is better than you. You will not finish your last season as a Giant taking snaps, you’ll watch it from the sidelines. It’s been fun.” Kind of feel bad for him.


    @Dustin Spence Gardner Minshew II won’t win 6 superbowls with Jacksonville. That franchise is poorly run. But he could definitely be a good quarterback in the NFL. Heck, he could win 6 superbowls if he was a Cowboy or a Ram or a Seahawk or a Raven… But he isn’t, he’s on the Duval Donkeys

Vic Williams

*When Tom retires, Gadner and Nathan Peterman are taking over the league, mark my words*

    Central Coast Climber

    Who tf is Godner??

    Duke Coughlin

    @Central Coast Climber Don’t think too hard.


Minshew looks like he could throw a football over them mountains

    House of Mods210

    🤣🤣🤣🤣…1 game…

    John Green-Trujillo

    @House of Mods210 3 games guy…he played good against the Cheifs and Texans too


    His nfl career so far – 700 yds 5 TDs 1 INT in about 2 1/2 games and all vs pretty good teams

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